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DayZ Standalone Alpha: Impressions


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  • Emerald

At first I thought "Maybe it'll show promise". So I bought it.

And while it downloaded, I looked like this...


Then I logged in and had to immediately remind myself that it's alpha.

Generic white, asian, hispanic and black guy. Shirts. Jeans.

"It's alright Mike, it's alpha!"

Alpha a year later, but anyway, into the game!

So I spawn on the beach. Yep, seems like... Day... Z...

And I was like...


So anyway, I ran from new house that I could never enter before to new house I could never enter before looking for some interesting items. Obviously nothing super special but, c'mon, there has to be some cool loot lying around here...


And I was like...


So anyway, I book it to the big city (Cherno) and I enter a building and there's a guy! He's... well, he's dead... but he has a... neon green kids backpack? And a bat. OK!


And I was like...


So now I gots my bat and my pack! Oh, and some kind of diseased fruit.

I walk around noting that everything looks... yeah... this all looks the same. Literally, all of it. Nothing has been added. In fact, things have been subtracted! And my character... he moves like... well, like a WarZ character.

That's right. I said it!

But suddenly, there he is! The first ZED!

Out comes the bat, and here comes the pain BABY!

OH YEeeeaaahhh, um, I keep swinging and nothing happens...

Well, it keeps making some sort of wood chopping sound and I can't actually hit the zombie. I aim for his head and hit his feet... I aim for his feet and hit... nothing...

And I'm bleeding...

And I'm like...


So I run away, but he doesn't chase me.

Then he's next to me.

And now I'm dead.

And I'm like...


And I was... disappointed.

So... alpha! Yeah. Alpha. Somehow.

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Guest Katherine

The melee system in standalone is absolute shit, I can't hit anything and since finding a gun and more importantly ammo and a cartridge is the hardest thing in the world, You are forced to used Axes, Hammers and the god forsaken crowbar.

I mean honestly the melee system in the mod is infinitely better. For a alpha i at least expected the melee system to work its utterly broken and is pretty much luck.

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  • Legend

Closing this thread.

Everything related to Standalone can be taken in the Official DayZ Standalone Thread which is already stickied in the off-topic section.

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