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DayZ Standalone Update


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  • El Presidente


As many of you know, DayZ Standalone Alpha has been released yesterday. Some of you may have already played it, I just had a quick play with some of our staff members.

The goal for DayZRP was to create a standalone servers ASAP while maintaining DayZ Mod servers for as long as possible. Looks like this won't be happening any time soon, and here's why.

Here's a thread on Reddit about hosting of DayZ SA servers, with a comment made by Tansien, a fellow Swede who have created his own DayZ community - zombies.nu - and hosted his own modified DayZ servers, just like we do on DayZRP.


If you read his and Rockets replies you start to get an image of what's currently happening with server hosting. Here's some supposedly official information leaked from a document sent to server hosting companies like Vilayer:

General stuff:

No private hives.

No admin tools. (No revives, no reverts, nothing)

No kicking.

No banning.

No passwording.

No whitelisting.

Only Windows Server.

Requirements for server hosting:

Huge game server providers only. To be eligible, need to provide 300x50-player public instances for 60 days out of own pocket.

One public instance per every three rented out.

Max of 7x50 player servers on a Xeon E3-1230 (3.2Ghz) Quadcore with 8GB RAM.

If you rent a server you can...

Change the server name

Have a Message of the Day.

Control the player limit (within min/max allowed)

Choose the region!

Start it.

Stop it.

Restart it!

Future stuff:

Reserved slots.


What this basically means is that DayZ Standalone team made the same choice like EA did with Battlefield - rented servers only with little to no moderation or admin tools available, realistically limited only to being able to change the server name and MOTD. If you wanted to play on an official standalone DayZRP server, you'll have to wait for a looong time.

This will obviously result very soon in what happened to DayZ Mod a year ago - hackers rampant on all official servers, admins not being able to do a thing about it and all experience destroyed for the legitimate players. Communities built on custom ideas like DayZRP left with no means on supporting themselves and I wouldn't be suprised if some of them close down (we won't, don't worry! :) ).

I am very disappointed by this outcome, hence I will support any attempts to reverse engineer the server files and support for private servers. Some basic ones have already appeared on the server list, so it may not be long before they are released to the public. Keep your fingers crossed.

For now, we continue to support our DayZ Mod servers, DayZRP patch 1.3.1 with bugfixes will be released some time this week (hopefully). We may also open whitelist to everyone once again, to get some new players in the game, as servers have been getting quite empty recently.

Rolle out.

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  • Sapphire


Ah, well. Best we can hope for is Rocket sees the error in his ways after crowds of angry gamers gather around his house with hatchets and crowbars demanding a change.

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  • Emerald

Sounds about right. Realistically, the game is far from being close to anything worth spending hours of time on in my opinion. It doesn't surprise me one bit that this is not going to be a possibility for a while. Hopefully with this waiting period we will also get a better idea of what is realistically transferable from our server to SA, as I feel many issues still haven't been addressed. Skins for instance, are a major form of identification on the DayZRP servers. People running rampant in random clothing is most likely going to put a dent in the way things are run around here, and that is just one of the issues I can think of off the top of my head. Looks like we are stuck with plain old Arma 2 until things get sorted. I feel DayZ players are the most patient people anyway, I mean look how far we have come to just get THIS.

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  • Sapphire

I feel DayZ players are the most patient people

Agreed. We can wait, as long as the end product is worth it. I just hope DayZ SA goes down the right path and doesn't end up as a crappy half-finished game because it was chopped off at its legs because people didn't like the Alpha.

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DayZ players are the most patient? 2 years is nothing, anyways this is pre-access Alpha and rocket has already stated that the way the servers are being handled is not the benchmark, literally anything can change.

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  • Sapphire


Let's just hope it's sorted sooner rather than later! :)

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They basically dug there own grave by not giving the people the power to control there own servers, same thing happened with origins was all hype and then flop. Let's hope they see the errors of there ways and change this. We all know the rp base will stay strong as we have all worked so hard on our clans and settlements and role play. Thanks for the info roll

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I have read some more post and actually dean is kind of right. This is not a release, it is an alpha test, and as such we have to suck it up and wait for them to patch all the loopholes that could be.

Security > Modding/hostingyourownserver.
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  • MVP

FYI it won't result in rampant hackers because that isn't how the game works anymore. You don't find rampant hackers on WOW do you? And they only have official servers.

We should however get a unofficial RP server we all play on so we can still play with each other.

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Guest whitepointer

FYI it won't result in rampant hackers because that isn't how the game works anymore. You don't find rampant hackers on WOW do you? And they only have official servers.

We should however get a unofficial RP server we all play on so we can still play with each other.

However without the power to kick, ban or generally complete any task that helps keep the community controlled it would be a complete disaster.

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  • Legend

Aaand this is why I hate Rocket.

Agreed this is a massive step in the wrong direction. Hopefully they change the direction and sort everything out

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  • MVP

He needs to add zombies, for saying its calling DayZ it has a major lack of you know...zombies.

I can't really judge because I haven't played it yet, but I actually like the idea of "less" zombies. I want to be able to walk through a city, instead of running through it like a maniac, dodging tens of zombies, or trying to sneak my way through which is often very difficult.

I'd rather have them move in groups. I want to walk through a desolated city and then spot a group of zombies in a street somewhere.

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  • MVP


Ego is right I encountered a number of zombies I could count on two hands.

Aaand this is why I hate Rocket.

Agreed this is a massive step in the wrong direction. Hopefully they change the direction and sort everything out

Eh? Nobody saw this coming?

This is what they were saying from the beginning. You know why? They need the data for testing. They won't allow official public hives for a long while.

If some of you are disappointed you have to be realistic here. They are only doing what they said they would do.

I bet you when some private hives get pulled together with leaked data they will try shut them down. I don't blame them, the problem is that we expect too much when all they have done is release a paid alpha for an MMO-like that needs lots of data to balance and paying testers to provide feedback.

All your data r belong to us:


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I know Rocket has stated before he loves the modder communities and all the mods for the original DayZ mod. I'm guessing he isn't allowing private servers yet strictly because it's still just the first few days of Alpha. I'm feeling pretty positive that when things get worked out, or when the SA *officially* launches, we'll be able to have DayZRP in Standalone.

He seems really dedicated to making sure all details are handled before calling it finished. Like most others, I'm perfectly fine with waiting until SA is finely tuned and polished. :)

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  • Emerald

Leave it to Rocket to fuck his own game.

But hey - 90,000 copies sold in a day? (apparently). He's rolling in our monies right now.

My bet is he'll take all that cash, make a giant pile, and spend a month to fuck off and climb to the top of it.

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  • MVP

The dude's argument is perfectly rational.


I get what you're saying and I understand that the situation is frustrating for you, but I don't see a suggestion for what to do instead. All I see if you saying that you deserve to be able to host standalone servers because of what you did keeping the mod alive. That may well be true, but we can't do anything that doesn't have:

A rational and transparent basis for deciding who "deserves" it and who doesn't.

The people and systems to be able to organize deployment and updates for hundreds or potentially even thousands of people.

Nobody is suggesting keeping the server files controlled is going to prevent hacking. At best, it might make things a little bit more difficult but that is hugely valuable at this stage of the project and I don't think there is really a rational argument to suggest giving them to everyone would not be a very bad security move right now.

Again I'd like to labor my earlier point: I'm all ears for rational, realistic suggestions about another approach we can take for the initial release.

I for one can agree with him and I fail to see how everyone wasn't aware of this from the beginning.

A private hive is what I want too. I trust Rolle to maintain up-time and a secure environment more than any of the big suppliers, which says a lot. However, we cannot just make these attacks based on his decisions.

They are sound based on all of the solutions available to him currently.

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Guise: Alpha

We're playing a horribly broken, (traditionally-would-have-been) internal dev build of the game. Of course it's going to be retardedly restricted. We're paying to do QA for them right now, not to play a game :P

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