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Server time (UTC): 2023-02-03 15:54

Keep getting kicked


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Just got kicked, is anyone on server two currently?

If so, was there anything written in chat about Jarvis Brown getting kicked?

Hmmm..... did it say anything other then you were kicked?

Maybe like a wrong signature perhaps?

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Yes the error message would help us, you could try re-installing our mod. Maybe some files have been corrupted.

What about your ping? Is it high?

It's generally 350 - 400 since I live quite far away from where the server is hosted. I've never had issues with being kicked before though when I used to play on this server a few months ago, or at least they weren't as common. The issues have just started since I started playing again which was last night and today.

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Does it kick you out of the game entirely or just back to lobby?

Need be I'll get on the server and wait for you to be kicked if it says anything.


Do what Leon has posted first.

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I downloaded it and I still got kicked off, though it took about 15 minutes this time strangely. If anyone's on the server right now if you could tell me what the kick message was that'll be helpful. I'm on server 2.


On server 1 now.

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Its not about the mod.

You need the laste ARMA patch.


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