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False report appeal

Guest Ketamine

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Guest Ketamine

Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-rp2-kos-altar-15-12-12?pid=466143#pid466143

Why the verdict is not fair :

I verdict for "lying" isnt fair but I can understand why you gave them to me. A lot happened in Altar that day and I completely forgot about that whilst making the report.

I am however contesting the "False report" verdict. The verdict for false report in unfair because I thought I was in the right while making the report. I was under the impression that unarmed players weren't allowed to get shot because they weren't a threat. I wasn't making the report with the intent of getting someone banned because I genuinely thought that someone was in the wrong. I accept the points for with-holding information, there was no excuse for that. I honestly forgot after the day we had at Altar and the report was slightly rushed, I was upset after being killed again.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : Whilst I am in alter the Enclave and LIA initiate on the camp. With the following initiation "Everyone in the camp drop your weapons or you will be shot, you have 30 seconds" I then run on to the help pad with Major Tom and begin to speak to him about what is going on, then someone shouts "You guys on the heli pad how are you" and later "drop your weapons" Major Tom begins asking who is he talking to and also who Is the man who is telling him to drop his weapons. Then the man with the Spetznaz Commander (SVR) skin comes over and I run away behind the medical tent and prone, then next minute the guy with the Spetznaz Commander skin aims at Major tom and the unarmed civ prone next to him he opens fire and kills them both. I open fire and kill the Spetznaz Commander guy thinking it was a random civ or SVR due to the skin he was wearing, because I know the Enclave have a strict skin and also the LIA use merc skins. Then a 501st member shouts "all civs go onto the heli pad unarmed" So I do so and a while passes and people shoot each other and then everything begins to go quite for around 2 minutes and people are saying its clear. So all the people on the heli pad begin to walk away, and such I try to fix the car so I can leave and give Major Tom his stuff back, then when im walking to the car someone pokes there head round the sandbag and shoots me. Then ten minutes after I make the report think the man who shot me was in the wrong.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I would like to get the False report portion of my ban removed.

What could you have done better? I could've cooled down before I decided to write the report. I was upset after being killed again. I should've been thinking and double checked the report before I posted and made sure I didn't leave anything out.

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Guest Ketamine

I would also like to add, that I had no knowledge that the man I killed was a part of the attackers, and once I found out that the man was a part of enclave, I immediately realised that they had KoS on me and the report was invalid and I tried to close it immediately, but It was already formal.

I would really appreciate if I could speak to a member of staff on TS, to discuss this because its hard to do so over text.

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Everything you stated in your Ban appeal you already said in the Formal Report.

There is no new evidence given.

You did not mention that you shot and killed the guy. You first mentioned it when Elissa did ask you about it.

How can you forget that you killed someone shortly before?

---> We suggest you read the rules again.

You lied and therefore it is a false report.

We will not change the original punishment.


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