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Can't afford Standalone.


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I don't see the point making this post, there are plenty standalone related posts already.

Well, nothing about this. I'm even asking questions as to if people even WANT the game. :D

As i said before there are plenty already, im sure its already been asked :)

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*cough* Purchasing 10ish dayz stand alone copies :) the give away is 20-24*

20-24. You mean like.. 20-24th of December?

If so, ADMINS, TAKE THIS THREAD DOWN IMMEDIATELY. Don't want anyone else seeing this. xD

Well It's going to be in alpha for a year and probably riddled with bugs for most of that time, so I doubt you will be missing much if you hold out on buying it.

The price will eventually go up, as most games do. The price is also higher than initially expected..

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Closing this thread.

Everything related to Standalone can be taken in the Official DayZ Standalone Thread which is already stickied in the off-topic section.

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