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Macbrine - RDM - 3 Days


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Link to report : Click Here

Why the verdict is not fair : I was acting out of self defense, not just shooting someone.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) :

While you did not kill anyone you still attempted to do so. The fault initiation started it all, and you were all causing a huge confusion at Desal. You should not have fired a single shot, because even if you didn't initiate yourself you are responsible for your own actions and your own weapon. Even though you did not kill the person this is purely up to who's "lucky" enough to get the last hit. You both hit the same person multiple times, this is why you will be receiving the same punishment as Derek.

This was the reason for my verdict. I realize and am fully aware that any actions are my own responsibility, but I did not realize Bianco was in the CR area until shots had started up behind me, when I turned around I had no idea of who had shot first, and since bullets were hitting around me I was led to believe I was myself under fire as well. I am being banned for RDM, when in my eyes it was in self defense and that is why I am making an appeal.

I believe the GM's when reviewing the report, thought that I myself was along side Dylan in what was going on and was trying to protect him, when in reality I was shooting in self defense.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : My Ban strike lifted, I am writing this appeal a little late due to sickness and finals, so the 3 day ban ends today I believe.

What could you have done better? : Should have held fire until I had truly understood what was happening, but as I said before, bullets were going all around me.

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The initiation was bodged. But even if you did in fact want to be a part of it, we can't expect you not to shoot when you're being shot at. Bianco admitted to shooting back at people after krylax shot at him. You then shot at Bianco in self-defence, and not as a result of the initiation. With that said, the appeal will be approved and then banstrike removed.

We do want to to advise against involving yourself when you know the initiation wasn't good. Please consider taking a more passive approach next time something like this happens.

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