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Ban Apeal, Qiang Wong

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Guest MonkeyMadness

Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-s2-suspect-rdm-kos-altar-10-12-13-around-00-12?page=5

Why the verdict is not fair : I Understand that I broke the rules for RDM but I feel that the rest is irrelevant, being accused of blackmail is my main problem.

Blackmail: I reported someone for KOS about a week before this report Because he attempted to KOS me during a Fire Fight Zone (here is the report

http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-s2-attempted-kos-rdm-novy-sobre-08-12-13-14-20. I dropped the report because I Understood what these guys were saying. These same people make the report in question about the EXACT same thing, Which then they all come on saying I was in the wrong, Due to this I told them well it cannot be one rule for one and not for the other, therefore I will re open my report if they decide to go formal. This is not Blackmail this was me saying that if Someone stopped me from going formal and then reports me for the exact same situation, Then it should be fair enough that I re open the report because I feel they were only in it to protect them self's and when the shoe is on the other foot they do not want to respect what they said.

Bad Attitude: After reading the points above you may now Understand why I had such a bad attitude, After speaking to Thumper in Pm He stated 3 things-

1. Post your point of view. Look at responses and only post new compelling evidence as repeating the same thing doesn't help.

2. Only post facts. Who what when where how why reason Anything else is based on emotion and opinion.

3. Record all hostilities. Initiations, executions, and roadblocks. Even robberies. If someone reports you or you need to report another person, and you do not have evidence, its word verses word. Once in a while, the logs will protect you. But the logs derp out alot. Its not a perfect system. Thats why recording is a must if you are going to be hostile toward anyone.

Since then I have followed what he has said, and I have never let this position down. It is very annoying when you see people change there opinions once there in the firing line especially when a group of people gang up on your report saying one thing and then that exact group of people gang up on you again regarding the same matter.

Also I was Already Warned for my bad attitude By Thumper Which is why me and him started talking in PM 11-12-2013, 17:50 was the time he issued the Warning, And since then I never had a bad attitude which can be comfirmed by 1.reading the report 2. Asking Thumper.

Attempted KoS:Nothing to say after speaking and reading thumpers comments firing warning shots is against the rules.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) :I now Understand that Firing warning shots is Against the rules And I respect the ban for that.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I would like to reduce my ban, From 5 days to 3 days. I would like to see if 5 points can be removed. and as this happened over 7 days ago (in that time I have died a fair few times) I request that my character don't be reset.

What could you have done better? Before taking the warning shots, I should have asked someone If it was against the rules, Or checked myself on forums looking through Old reports to see if there is any information about firing warning shots.

I could have Chilled out a little before replying to posts in the forum which had shown my true anger and frustration towards the people who had accused me.

I should have never Said that I was re opening the other report on that forum and just gone behind there backs and done it.

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Every report is different. In one of these reports, I see someone watching a firefight, well aware that it was happening, and then somehow getting 'lost' or involved, then shot and killed. In the other, I see a group of people unaware of a firefight, warned that they are entering a hostile area, which they then flee, only to be shot for their efforts to flee the conflict. Not exactly the "exact same situation".

Furthermore, your assertion that you should have "gone behind there[sic] backs" to re-open a report against them shows that not only do you not understand how things work around here, but also that you don't understand that doing so would have been wrong.

We find the penalties for your actions entirely appropriate.

Verdict: Denied

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