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Dreadlordfrips "RDM" 3 day ban.

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Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-s2-kos-and-improper-initiation-at-nwaf-12-11-13-00-23?page=4

Why the verdict is not fair : I personally do not think this verdict to be fair due to the events that transpired right before the video provided in the URL above was filmed. And for my direct involvement in the circumstances that lead to the formal report being filed in the first place.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) :I would like to make very clear that there were many, many people traveling together at the time of this event. I would say at least 10 or more possibly. And it was also quite dark out as well. And while this does not act as a excuse to not initiate properly I feel it is a good reason so some people, myself included got caught up in the moment and engaged.

I myself was just a mere member of the horde of players we were playing with. Having no direct control of the situation at all. To the extent of group decision making. When we saw a v3s coming towards us I assume we all had the same style of thinking. "That's a large vehicle, and probably the only one that can hold as many of us that there are." So two members of the group engaged the truck asking if it could please stop, and then later increasing aggression and saying "pull over to the side of the road now!".

And now, in my opinion the most important part of the situation. When the truck began to swerve to attempt to flee us and went over the grass it appeared as to have hit a member of the group who then said " I think he just ran me over?" It was asked questioningly because of the large amount of desync that was occurring. So a few members of my group opened fire on the V3S and I myself facing the drivers side began to shoot the front left tire of the vehicle. And this where my problem comes into play. Either throw desync, the movement of my recoil or pure black magics I somehow hit but did not kill the driver of the v3s. And I would like to note that it was only just a hit. The logs to confirm this information can be found in the URL linked above showing I was not the one landing any killing blows on my target and that even merely hitting him was a freak accident I extend my deepest apologies for. But with all the factors of server lag and human error I would hope this can be at least understood.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : With this appeal I would like to be over zealous enough to think that this situation could be forgiven due to all the factors present that caused me to make this mistake. But I am not foolish enough to believe that my sole apology and mentioning some lose factors would be enough. I am a relativity new player here on DayZRP and though I am yet to 100% understand the status quo of what rules are more taboo to break than others, in regards to possible leniency, I feel a 3 day ban and a character reset is a very harsh punishment for someone who did not commit RDM and only accidentally hit a player with a stray bullet. I was also concerned when the people or person who did actually shoot and kill multiple people got the same punishment as myself. I am unable to understand where the line is drawn if I who only shot someone by mistake shares punishment with someone who went out of his way kill the other players. I have far from a history of this behavior with my only ever involvement with the administrative team being a forum warning for posting out of context so I would very much liked this to be reviewed.

What could you have done better? Quite simply have not involved myself. Though the fact that I am a new player got the better of me this time, allowing the mob mentality to set in thinking because everyone else is involved it must be ok, it will not happen again. Regardless if this appeal is lessened, accepted or denied I won't let a situation like this one occur again. Thank you for taking the time to read through this.

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because everyone else is involved it must be ok

Unfortunately that's not true. The moment you pull the trigger, you are responsible for anything you cause. We deliberately punish this way because it is easier with the proof we have to our disposal.

Either you are sure you are right in shooting, or you aren't. If you aren't or can't be sure, don't shoot.

Regardless if this appeal is lessened, accepted or denied I won't let a situation like this one occur again.

Exactly what we like to hear. My sincere apologies for taking so long to solve this appeal.

Appeal denied.

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