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An eventful day! Glad i came back to dayZRP :)

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At first I did not enjoy coming back because of the changes, but after updating myself on the rules and finding other people, I had a very good time role playing today.

*All events listed are based on actual events that happen in game. Some scenes may be graphic. Reader discretion is advised*

//and sorry, i didn't know what to put this under. Roleplaying or general. Feel free to move it if you feel necessary.

After Transmitting a distress signal in the radio tower for many days, Dante awoke to gunfire. Jumping to his feet he peered out the window of the ATC to see a man. "Hello?!?!? Is someone there?!?!?"

"Man in the tower? are you okay?"

"Yes! Yes, i am fine! Thank God you got my distress signal!!"

"What distress signal?"

Dante was a bit confused on how else he would have found him.

"No matter!! im just glad you're here. Every other thing has tried to bite my face off and make a meal out of me."

"May i come on up?" The man ask very monotone.

"Sure thing!"

Dante was overwhelmed to finally find someone who had not been infected. In the very darkest of days there was still hope. The man made his way up the stairs to the third and final floor that Dante was on with an AK-107 in hand.

"So what is your name my friend?" The stranger ask with a very thick russian accent.

"My name is Dante, and you?"

"Dimitri. Its a pleasure meeting you Dante."

"No sir, the pleasure is mine. I thought this was a nightmare i would have to go through alone but im a bit more at ease knowing that... well.... It's still a nightmare, but now i don't have to face it alone, haha"

"Yes my friend there are many people still alive. Some are bad and some are good. You just need to watch out."

For a moment, Dante was on edge hearing that. But a sense of calm friendliness was in the man's voice that put him at ease. He was trying to give Dante advice, not threaten him.

"So are there any weapons here?" Ask the russian man.

"There are actually a few. I found some AK's."

"ugck, Those are very common in these parts."

"Yes, I've seen. So you said there were more people? Might i ask where they are?"

"Yes, There is a place called Altar. It is a safehaven that many people go to. You will be fine there."

Dante handed over his map with a semi-dry marker, barely able to still write. The man easily took the map and studied it only for a moment to then mark the hill that he referred to as altar. Capping the marker, the smell was very pungent still. It was a sharpie after all.

"There you go my friend. I also see you are a mess."

"Yeah, i got scratched up from running from those bastards. I lost quite a bit of blood and I've been dizzy ever since."

"If you have medical supplies i would be happy to help"

"You know how to administer blood?"

"Yes, i was a combat medic"

Dante sat his bag on the ground and pulled out a blood bag that he happen to find in the town hospital when he went to see what berizino was like since thats where his brother was stationed. Still to no avail, there was no trace of him. Handing over the blood bag he sat on the ground and rolled up his sleeve.

"God i fucking hate needles."

"Haha, dont worry, you get used to it."

He cringed and gasp as the needle pierced his skin. Dimitri held the bag above his head letting the blood slowly drain into Dante's Veins.

After about 4 minutes, the pack was dry. Dimitri then told him that he needed one as well. Dante proceed to copy the same procedure that the man did with him. He never gave blood to anyone before but he managed to do just fine his first time around.

"Now my friend i must get going. Just head to Altar. and watch your back."

Dante said so long to his new friend Dimitri as he ran off into the night.

And so it was settled. Dante packed up his hatchet, his rifle, and all he could manage to carry rationing the best he could, only bringing the necessities he had lying around after making the air base his home. Exiting the strip he looked back not seeing a end to what once was, but a new beginning to his life. A new chapter. If what the man said was true, then his life would be changed yet again. Finding the roads and his bearings, he made the journey to Altar going from road to road with his supplies.

Along the way he came across a town called Gvozdno. While stopping to read his map, a walker spotted him. He bolted further into the city looking for a building to hide in. Just as he thought he was shit out of luck, A church's doors were open. Sprinting with all he had he jumped inside shutting the doors behind him.

Breathing heavily he thanked the lord for his temple being open as the undead rattle the hinges on the temple itself trying their hardest to bust down the blockade to get to the live, fresh, human being inside. His back stayed against the double doors as the growling and terror continued. He softly took a deep breath in and prayed under it for saftey, strength and courage.

After a steady moment the growling and racket died down. Dante froze. It was dead silent in the church and outside as well. He open the doors to peak outside to be greeted with the same evil monsters that were banging on the door, but something was different. They only stood there, not moving. Not reacting to Dante standing in front of him. There were only 5, but the undead beings looked lifeless and inanimate and just as dead as they once were. Dante stood in disbelief as he readied his hatchet in front of them with no response.

He proped it on his shoulder and turned his wrist downward while he extended his elbows bringing the heavy hatchet over his head, to a downwards impact on the first zombie. With a loud crunch, the skull shattered on the humanoid to have its face nearly ripped in half. Blood splattered along the entrance and others as the thing fell to its knees, a heavy metal head bow covered in blood embedded in its brain. Dante put a foot on its shoulder and jerked the weapon out of the now lifeless zombie. The others simply stood there looking among their fellow friend.

Dante felt a cold chill go down his spine at the anomaly. He then proceeded to slay the others and be on his way. After about 4 hours of walking, Dante finally seen the castle on altar hill. It was a mighty fortification and was well worth its name.

"Hello???, Is anyone here???"

It was a ghost town inside the brick walls. With it still being late in the night, Dante laid his head to rest beside the campfire just waiting for daybreak to see if someone would come...

After a nice long sleep, Dante awoke to many many people. They all celebrated, shared stories, and took shots at the firing range. Dante was finally content with his life despite the outbreak. The end of the world didn't look so bad after all. Everyone he met had been so nice to him. He had made friends that he felt he knew for a very long time, however he only had known them for about a day.

Darkness fell. It became night. Pitch black. The Altar had spotlights placed around the compound hooked to generators. Everything was visible for at least a thousand meters. Dante open up his water bottle and took a very last sip from it. "Shit, I'm out." He thought to himself.

"Hey guys! announcement! There should be a lake west of here. I'm going on a water run. Does anyone want to come with?"

Two of the men discussed it and then agreed. One man was dressed in a pure black enforcer suit. His mask muffled his words but fortunately he spoke very loud. Another man was wearing simple civilian throwover clothes that were camo. He wielded an AK-47 with a grenade launcher on the bottom. The need for food was more dire at the moment.

"Please follow me and do as i tell you" The enforcer commanded."We shoot any wildlife that we come across."

The three men walked toward the forest to the point where the searchlights did not cover.

"So where are you guys from?" Dante broke the brief silence between the three.

"Sweeden" Replied the enforcer in a harsh, concise manner.

In hearing his tone the second man did not speak and Dante did not bother asking again.

The rest of the travel was silent until they reached their destination, Novy Sobor.

"Now, we dont want to make a lot of noise so take out your blunt and sharp weapons. We will deal with them." Dante had his hatchet out but was out played when the man pulled out a machete from its sheath on his side. Covered in blood, Dante saw it was a frequently used weapon and that this was a veteran of the outbreak. The man put a hand on his shoulder and one on the other man's and pushed them down to the ground.

In front of the group was two walkers, not even 20 feet from them.

"Let them pass", he whispered. Once the coast was clear and they were out of range they slowly moved through the shadows. "Fuck i can barely see." Dante said.

The civilian in camo then reached in his pocket and threw a flare away from him that lit up the entire area. But that included them. A hoard of zombies rushed the position.

"OH shit!"

"Dont worry, i have this. You two get to the church!" The enforcer shouted. Dante and the other man ran away. But when He looked back, the enforcer was getting overrun. A crawler had grasp onto his leg and was ripping out every muscle and tendon he had. The Vet slammed the machete in the zombies back but it did no good. The zombie kept gnawing away, decimating his calf. Just as other ones moved toward the helpless victim, now on the ground, Dante rushed over to the scene and began slashing away at the rot and decay that infested the town while the civilian fired many rounds, backing up the two in a bad position.

Once the surrounding area was free of the monsters, Dante threw the injured man on his shoulder and ran to the church. Going to the very front, he laid him down at the altar. The injured man stayed strong while on his back being bandaged, taking out his pistol, firing on the zombies that were rushing in behind the crew. Flooding the entrance the man with the AK changed mags and began to illuminate the church with muzzle flash. Mag after mag, the two put multiple clips down range while Dante finished placing the splint on his leg.

"It looks clear!" The civilian man shouted. Dante helped up the vet letting him be a crutch. After that, He shoved a morphine stick in his leg so he could walk on his own. Dante let the man try to walk but as soon as he released the man, He passed out from blood loss.

"Fuck, Fuck, FUCK! Wake up man you have to fucking wake up! you're not dying on us now, we've come too far!!!" Dante kneeled down and began to shake the man manically. After no response, he took an adrenaline pen out, shoving it in the man's heart and injecting it. The man gasp as he woke up. They propped him up against the wall near the entrance.

"Look, youre going to have to go on without me."

"No! we are not leaving you behind! there's no fucking way!" Dante and the civilian agreed upon that saying practically the same thing at the same time.

"Listen, if you don't then you are going to die too. I've bled out a lot and i also have a useless leg. Not to mention the fact that im infected now. Its only a matter of time before i turn on you guys..."

Dante looked at the civilian. A long silence and concern filled their eyes along with tears in Dante's. "He's right man. We dont have a choice."

"All i ask is that you put me down with my own weapon.."

Dante shook his head in disbelief and wiped the tears in his eyes away. The man lended out a hand with the machete in it. Dante jerked the knife out of his hand as the man stood up and saluted him. Dante saluted back and the man turned to face the wall. Dante hesitated, shaking violently.

"Im sorry sir..."

Dante plunged the knife through his back and straight though his hear, exiting out of the chest cavity and into the wall in front of him. pinning the now lifeless body to the wall. Dante held the handle muttering words with tears flowing down his mask.

"Im sorry....

Im really sorry...

Im sorry...

Im so so sorry..."

Dante put his foot on the mans back and unpinned him from the wall removing the blade. He dropped it on the ground falling and sobbing. He didnt feel right after the man saved his life. And all he could do was this...

He knew the man was right but he would never be forgotten...

He lowered his mask feeling sick to his stomach. Vomiting on the ground beside him, the civilian could not help gagging at the murder victim as well. Dante regained his composure and snapped the body's neck to make sure the corpse would not reanimate.

"Take his gun and lets get back to camp... I dont know this mans name but i wont forget him... What is your name?"

"My name is Mike. And you?"

"Dante.... Dante...."

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