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TightPants no-pants-pants giveaway


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Since it's Christmas and none of my clan mates didn't want my Nether guest keys I shall be giving them away here. Because I almost care enough to make some random number generator lottery hoaxes I rather use the good old format of "First come, first serve"

So the rules are simple a WHITELISTED PERSON who replies to this thread with the following sentence; "Aye aye, Cap'n Tightpants, skallywag "ENTER YOUR OWN FORUM NAME HERE" want's a key, er!" will get 1 (ONE) Nether guest key.

Failure in the sentence,trying to be smart or plain stupidity will disqualify a person from this and will rise the following expression in me.


So it's first come, first serve, the fast will eat the rest and so on. Oh yeah and there are only two left.

P.S Rolle cannot enter because if you want Nether you have the monies to buy it.

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Aye aye, Cap'n Tightpants, skallywag Hofer want's a key, er!

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Since it's Christmas and none of my clan mates didn't want my Nether guest keys

Since the way to win is so literal I'm assuming the rest is too. Are you trying to mess with us, Cap'n Tightpants?

Also I just want to point out that Symmetrical and Conan Agrella were the firs two to actually do it right. The previous ones still had the quotation marks or forgot the exclamation mark, and I didn't use my OWN name, as was the assignment.

Just sayin' :D

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Gimme. :3

Sometimes its good to have the forums up all the time

(also good to read the thread x the jizz)

You had one job SumoS, one job! So here you go.


So unfortunately two of the first replies need to be disqualified because one is SumoS fail and one misses the "!" and it was edited afterwards. My eyes see everything.

So unfortunately I have to give one key to Bushseaman and one to

ZombieHunterX. For they were the only ones to get the sentence right at first try.

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Seeing as both keys have been given away, lets prevent some broken harts


if you want it reopened pm me

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