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[GUIDE] Setting up a group chat on Skype (USEFUL FOR CLANS)


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Lately I have noticed that many clans use their clan threads for "chatting" and frankly it makes the threads clutter and it's hard to find IC posts and relevant information for other players.

The following is a guide how to set up and use a group chat in Skype which can be useful to keep contact at all times out of the game and to discuss important stuff.

To set up a Skype chat please follow the few steps below:

1. Open a conversation with one of your members.


2. Find one of the other clan members, and drag them into the conversation. This can be done with multiple people


3. The chat should be looking some like this


4. Click the name of the chat found above all the chat members and rename it to the appropriate name. For example Clan ABC.


5. Optional: Give some other leaders the option to remove and maintain the chat. This is useful if the main leader is away and someone leaves the chat. Below are some of the commands.


The intentions of a chat like this is to have a more OOC aimed chat, instead of using the clan thread or the clan forums for useless stuff like GIFs and funny memes.

Many of the well known and organized clans do it like this, and this can give you all an opportunity to get to know your friends better out of the game and out of TS.

NOTE: A minimum of two people has to be online for the chat to "update". As long as someone is online the chat updates live, and if you log off for the night you will receive the whole chat log after you log on.

This can also be used on a mobile device.

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