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roleplaying story after die

Guest coolmanx27

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Guest coolmanx27

so i want to ask after we die on the FAQ rules said we are a new person and diffrent name and other stuff. i want to ask after we die can our or my character like be a brother or like a friend in a work place or father or even son for my old character


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You don't have to kill your character if you die. You can still continue playing as the same person, but you do not remember anything of the events that lead to your death. So you can not remember that player X killed you.

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After you die you are under the restricition of the NLR rule,

very simplified this means:

you cannot return to the area of your body and forget all memories leading up to your death. (the only exception being a death to a glitch).

It does not mean you have to make a new character, you are free to keep playing the same character. With the same name and appear-ens. you just lose the memories of what happened at your death and everything leading up to it.

Some people say they blacked out and cant remembered, and afterward woke up on the beach again without gear.

Some people work with a perma-death character, meaning when they die they die that it the end of that character. and a new character can be related or is totally different.

And some people use a different system that fits their playing style, a very good example of that is a system that one of our GM uses. ( http://www.dayzrp.com/t-tomeran-s-survival-point-system )

All of these ways of playing are possible as long as you do not violate the NLR rule.

If you feel you do not fully understand the NLR rule, I would point you to the supplementary rules here: http://wiki.dayzrp.com/index.php/DayZRP_Supplemental_Rules

they give a very good description of what NLR means on DAYZRP

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Slightly off topic, but how long is it that your banned from the area you died, and how large is that area around your body? I have been running on until next restart you can not go within the same town/city.

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Guest coolmanx27

ahh thanks for the help but just saying i choose the perma die one and my character can like have diffrent backstory but at the same point the story is related to my old character so sorry guys if i'm bothering you i'm new here and my friend recommended dayzrp

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Quoted from the suplementairy rules:

Returning to the area, within a distance of ~1km from the site of your death. while the situation is ongoing or before a bare minimum of 90 minutes (preferable 120 minutes) has passed, whichever is latest. Alternatively if your body has disappeared due to a server restart and the hostilities are no longer happening you may return to the area.

the supplementary rules can be found here:


and under current server rules all players are expected to be familiar with them.

8. Supplemental rules

Supplemental rules and rule clarifications can be found on our Wiki. You should be familiar with those clarifications and exceptions before joining our servers.

I am going to go ahead and mark this as solved and


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