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Mic Stops in Camps


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  • Emerald

My mic ceases to work when around a large amount of people, Mainly camps. As soon as I leave it will work again but it really hurts my RP when I constantly need to ask the people in my TS if they can still hear me in game.

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  • Sapphire

I've been getting a similar problem just on random occasions. Not even with a large group of people. Sometimes I just don't hear my friend Snowkea ingame but he's fine on teamspeak. Sometimes a religion /death fixes it but I dunno

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  • Emerald

What microphone do you use? Are you lagging when this happen or everything works fine on your computer?

Maybe you could try with a other microphone to see if the issue is your computer or the microphone.

I use a Blue Yeti, The lag is fine, I'm Australian so I get a little dysync now and then but it seems normal when I'm in the camp

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  • Emerald

Ok next time I'm in game I will

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