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River System!!!

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Hello today I was playing DayZ and I found a boat on the coast. I took the boat as far north as possible and realized that it was as far as I could go. I then logged off and thought how I had similar events in RP. I then thought of only two words “River System”. It sounded like a perfect Idea so I made this map. The blue lines show the direction of the rivers and the stars are maybe some boat spawns. Please everyone post your replies on what you think this would be a really cool feature even if it’s on just one server. The picture was to large so here is a link. http://s868.photobucket.com/user/Motocrossguy13/media/RiverSystem_zps06ea622c.png.html?sort=3&o=0

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  • Legend

I would love to see rivers as at the moment boats don't really mean a thing but I don't believe this is possible. It would need a massive edit of the map wit it going under roads and such and I really cant see this being done

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Good idea. But then someone has to manually add all of it in with BISTools and go through the process of terraining. And quite frankly that requires alot of skill! Would be a good idea.

Also, you'd have to make sure that the rivers wernt clipping with other bits of land/buildings/cities ect.

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  • Sapphire

More boats though! Not more boat spawns but different variants of boats!

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  • Emerald

For this to be even remotely possible you would have to use as many low spots as possible.

Some of the markings are on some big hills and the gradient would be to high. ie Devils Castle.

It could be possible leading from Guba to Pobeda dam. Could maybe make it a march area like at Kamyshovo.

However I think for this to look any good you would have to edit the actual base map itself.. and that good sir is a prick lol

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