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I had this idea i'm going to try out. Every time that i join the servers my caracter will not try to move to any major city, settlement or follow any roads. Instead he will refill water every day, set up a tent at night and hunt animals with the limited ammunition that he's got. He will move in a limited territory of 3 square kilometers every time. He will try to protect this territory as of it was his own land. He will also try to avoid confrontation and keep talking to himself and a precious tin can he calls Bill. Once the ammunition runs out he will for the first time ever since the outbreak leave his territory in search for food and ammunition. Now he will not try to avoid people although people may want to avoid him. His mind have went insane from all the years of isolation in the forest. This would make due to some interesting RP.

Let me know what you guys think of this idea below.

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  • Diamond

It sounds like a pretty awesome idea, Unfortunately it might get a tad boring as you keep on hunting, settling down, getting ammo, Repeat.

Keep in mind i'm starting this with only 20 bullets in an ak magazine and 2 bullets in my revolver.

Also, once the ammo runs out i'm going to take the long routes to get it and on the way i'm going to visit settlements and populated roads. I'm also going to make it a challenge and not take any painkillers, that would make it harder to aim and hit the animal since i'm going to take it out from at least 50 meters.

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  • Diamond

Thanks guys for the support. Appreciate it very much!

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