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Guest infusedsandwich

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Guest infusedsandwich

Hello! Let's just make this short because I am boiling with anger.

I am 15 years old. I donated money to the website simply to play a game which is in concept supposed to be free to play. I spend half and hour reading the rules. I spend another half an hour pouring my heart out in the application. And then - viola! I have been blacklisted because I do not meet the age requirements! This is just retarded.

Now for the rant: tell me, where in the land of sweet everything have you anywhere written that there is an age requirement? I understand no squeakers because they are genuinely, most of the time, annoying. Have you heard me? Do you think I am immature because of my age? I give money to you and theoretically meet all of the requirements listed anywhere, in any way associated with the website.

So please, I ask of you to meet me on skype or wherever, let me actually show you what I'm like, then blacklist me. And for the sake of others, please - add this ''rule'' to the rules section.

Your's truly,

quite dissapointed,


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  • Sapphire

I don't think a thread is the way to go bout this. Perhaps talking to an Admin in Teamspeak might be better...

That way you're killing two birds with one stone, you're talking to them, and they get to know you. Not to mention an instant reply. :)

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  • Emerald

The "Rule" is on the whitelist page itself. Maybe next time you read more in depth, and accept the consequences before ranting about it.

There are no exceptions when it comes to age. You'll just have to accept your blacklist and live on with life.

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There is an age requirement on the whitelist form.

And sure, you may feel pissed, but you're underage, what a shame.

And do you think the admins have time to call people on skype to check how mature they are? And you know what, age affects maturity in most cases, but in others not. Maybe your case is in between, because people who rant like this are people we don't really want here.

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  • MVP


It's stated on the last sentence of the first paragraph of the whitelist page. I'm sorry that you are disappointed to not get in, but blacklists are final. We do not give interviews to anyone over Skype/TS.

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