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Happy Holidays!

The Traveler

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Have a Climactic Kwanzaa ,Merry Christmas ,Happpy Hanukkah and even a wonderful winter solace guys!

It is my pleasure to say it has been a wonderful 8 months now where I have been able to call you wonderful Ba**ards people I know, love, hate... had you as friend, enemies... and even the occasional goat lover (a story for another time) and, quite frankly, I am very happy that I found you guys...

I came to this server as another DayZ player... I had killed people... Helped people... and even built a small comunity in the past...

But I come here and, within a week, I go from the occasional hospital run for the Trade Post, to launching a full scale invasion of the North West airfield with about 20 guys...

I have lead clans, revolts, events and even the occasional court case... and quite frankly you people have helped me both grow as a Roleplayer and, dare I say even a person...

So now I wish you all, at the time of year where I am at my happiest... the time of year where we all aim to give to those in need, that you find yourselves in the best of situations and health, and that we all charge into the new year , kicking and screaming (hopefully not at me though) and, most importnatly, we try and make the upcoming 12 months the best damn Roleplay rich we can muster!

So one final time, thanks for being such a great community, and I hope to have a thread, exactly like this one, at this exact time next year..... twice the size of this one... full of new, interesting and laughing your arse of hilarious memories that I am hopefull I will be exposed to in next year :D

So thanks for reading

And have a very happy {Insert holiday here}

Many Regards

The Traveller

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