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Journal of Kane Polanski

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Kane Polanski

If you find this Journal, I'm probably dead, or one of the walking dead. I wanted to log my last days, hopefully years on this hellish earth, so anyone who lives through it can see how much of a struggle it was. How can a simple vacation across Europe turn into something so horrible?

Day 1

03:00 - Still don't know what date it is. Finally made it south through the border though, but damn that was difficult on foot. I found a town on the coast, it was full of the dead. I managed to scavenge some supplies from the area, and I found a shotgun just like I used to have back on my farm. I'll never see that place again....

05:15 - Met a guy in Kamyshovo, I think that's what he said it was called, didn't have a map at the time so I took his word for it. He seemed to have been here for a while since he had military weapons. He asked me if I needed anything, I told him I was a little dehydrated from all the walking, he gave me some water, probably saved my life. I never got his name so I don't think I'll be able to repay him, he was gone as fast as he arrived.

06:00 - Still on the coast. I found a City west of Kamyshovo, there were even more dead there. Seems like the whole place had been scavenged already because I found nothing that I could use, besides a can of Sardines. Sardines!? I don't even like fish! Great help they will be. Maybe I can trade them with somebody for something more useful to me. I think I'll head north.

13:00 - Not had the chance to stop until now, the dead are everywhere. I managed to find a barn where I could secure the doors from the inside, will be a good place to hold up for now. Not sure how far north I am, but think I'm near a place called Staroye according to the map, and taking into account I've followed it right. I was never good at reading maps, perhaps now is a good time to learn. I can't rely on other living people since I've only seen one in my time here so far.

17:00 - It's starting to go dark now. I heard alot of gunshots from the north west I think not long ago, but I was in a forest and they were hard to pinpoint, so I know there are more living here than I thought. I just need to find them, maybe they can help me, considering they are friendly. I left the barn a couple of hours ago, kept going north, that's when I heard those shots and decided to head in that direction. Found another town called Guglova, this was as empty as the last place.

18:00 - The darkness is setting in now. Found a house on the outskirts of Guglova where I think I'll hold up for the night, I'm so tired.

Day 2

12:00 - It took me a long time to get to sleep last night. The noises those things make is horrible. I started to get paranoid, hearing things. I swear I head someone talking, but I couldn't see anyone out of the windows.

16:00 - I found some kind of Military Camp in a large town. I think it's called Stary Sobor. The Camp looks like it's been abandoned for a while. There was nothing there. I heard a car engine coming my way, so I hid in one of the tents. Turns out there was a dead walker in the tent with me, so yeah... I ran. The people in the car saw me, they offered me a lift to safety, for which I was thankful. I offered them a canister of fuel I had found as payment. Matt and Gary I think they were called.

17:00 - We were heading towards a camp so they said, where there are more survivors. On the way we got flagged down by a man named Kim. He'd been shot and had lost alot of blood. We pulled over at a safe location, and I gave him a blood transfusion. It's a good job for him I'd been shown how to do it before, the other two that picked me up had never done a transfusion before.

18:00 - Kim offered to drive us to a camp called Diesel I think he said. We crashed though about halfway there, and the car was too badly damaged to use. It even set on fire as we continued on foot. Must have ruptured the fuel tank somehow.

19:00 - We'd been walking through the forest for some time now, Kim kept talking about being honorable, and killing the dishonorable. He seemed like a good guy, he was friendly enough. We made it to the east coast, Kim said his friend was coming to pick us up - which was great, we'd been walking for ages. To my surprise Kim's friend arrived in an American Helicopter, but as soon as Kim got in it took off, and left me and Gary alone on the coast. Great.

19:30 - We had almost reached this Diesel place, but we were stopped by someone who said there was a firefight going on. He said to follow him so I did. I don't know what happened to Gary, he was there one second, gone the next. I stuck with the man I had followed, he needed medical supplies and food, so we went south a little to scavenge a town called Berezino.

20:00 - We found some supplies, even found some more bloodbags, but the needle was bent and we couldn't use it. The man I was with said he was tired, and he ran off into the woods. I followed in the same direction, looking for a good place to sleep myself. I found another barn, smaller than the last one. This will do for now.


((Feel free to comment if you want! I'll keep the main post updated with new entries))

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