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Civilisation V tournament [Finished]

Guest ArcticStarling

What day shall we play ??   

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Sign me up!

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  • Diamond

Forum name : Tankcommando12

Steam name : Tankcommando12

Clan : I'm on my own

Country : Sweden


ooh, i thought you meant what country i was from.

i want to play as russia if it is still available, if not i will play as japan, and if not i will play as random.

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  • MVP

Competative Civ 5? Never tried that before.

Well at least its without the DLC/expansions(I've heard they're good but they cost ridicilously much) so I'd consider it.

But alas, dont have quite enough time. Looking forward to hearing how it went from the ones involved though.

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Forum name :simiskovich

Steam name :Simiskovich

Clan :The Watchers

Country :Arabia

Keep in mind that even a short game can take a ridiculous amount of time, so we would either have to split it in 2 parts or have a veeery long tournament

Also, are we doing like a couple of games with 4 people or less with 16 people? (Max amount)

And are we doing teams? Could make up for so many different players that would have to fit on a 'huge' sized map

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Forum name :sgtpaincake

Steam name :sgtpaincake

Clan :Swedish Armed Forces

Country :Russia

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