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Chip Chester

Kicked for Strange Reason

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I just logged on for the first time in like 3 months and start up.

I was crawling and started spamming the w key along with shift (Fast Crawl/ Walk?) and I got kicked.

I don't know if it's a signature error kick but is turbo running an exploit? Why was I kicked?

I have no idea.


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Turbo running is an exploit, but I don't think that's the reason you got kicked.

Might just be a signature kick.

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Lately the servers have been having a lot of issues. Is there a chance that this happened shortly after you just logged in? If so, it is a known issue as it happens to me a lot. It usually just kicks me to the lobby and I am able to join again. Hope that clarified things a bit.

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Turbo running is not an exploit as everybody can use it. It is part of the games controls.

The best thing to do is go on teamspeak with a friend and wait til' you get kicked. Then have your friend tell you what your kick message was. Post here what he says.

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Guest The Nightmare

Sometimes the DayZ files just like to go corrupt one moment you can be fine and then you can be kicked for wrong .pbo you normally can easily fix it by just closing out of your game completely and rejoining. If that doesnt work verify your game cache on steam or try redownloading DayZRP from the launcher.

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