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[Tutorial] MCC Sandbox and Respawing script.(Good for training)


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Right guys, in this tutorial I'm going to tell you how to add a spawn script to a player made mission in ARMA 2 OA.

If you don't know editor in Arma 2 does not have the function to make spawns. So this is how I make the script to prevent you becoming a bird.

First download something called ArmA Edit


Once you have done this, open it up and do the following.

1)Go to File in the top left corner

2)Open the File Menu

3)Go to Wizard Created Files

4)Select Description Wizard

5)Once selected select the tick box "Unit Re-spawn" in the top left

6)Change the respawn time and nothing else

7)Press create description file

8)Save to the mission file that you have made in Editor.

N.B. To change any settings to the document you must open it with Notepad.

Once you have done this you have a text file. If you have a mission in the making place the file in the following place (this is where mine are)

Libraries>Documents>Arma2OtherProfiles>Username>Mission>File of mission name.

Now you have the script in place you need it to work in-game.

Once in editor go to Markers and select Ellipse. Type the name as

respawn_west for BLUFOR

respawn_east for OPFOR

respawn_independant for INDIE

It should look like this:


Save as an MP mission and test it if you know how to set up a multilayer mission.

If not you go to multiplayer select "new" and press ok. There's no need for it on the internet. When in game press respawn and it should work.

Looks like this:


MCC Sandbox

A nice little thing for training. You can make almost any situation you want.

You first need CBA to make this work and also MCC sandbox.

MCC Sandbox




You place them where all you @files are located. Then you activate them on expansions. Do CBA first then MCC after.

Within the MCC file there should be a document on how to use it.

I better off telling you to read it as it's 60 pages long I think.

If people want to join your mission you need them to have both of these files as well.

The end

I hope that you find this useful and PM me if you have trouble at all.

I did not make these files nor am I claiming so. These files are the result of the hard work which people have put into them.

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Updated Thread.

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