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The Diary of Shaman


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The cold and dark corridors of the facility were being invaded by the light of a flashlight. A man was moving towards the main room,to power up the generator,who decided to die another time.

"How many times do I have to power up this shitty Russian generator?"

The man arrived in front of the "beast" and poured some remaining gasoline into the throat of the machine. He then hit it several times and pressed one of the numerous buttons from the mainboard. Light had returned throughout the facility.

The man returned back to his room. He was tired,but when looking on his desk,he found a diary. It was his childhood diary he lost years ago... He approached it and saw the last date:


He took a pen from the many he had on his desk and started writing:


My dear diary! I have missed you... Finally,thanks to that kid,Maksim,I have been reunited to you. Now... I have lots to tell you,but first things first.

I must present myself and I need to take some time for it... I plan to leave this as a legacy for whoever finds it,so he may learn from my mistakes.

Now... Let's get started...

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I am Alexy Romanov,scientist of the Baikonur Space Station. I was born on the 3rd of September 1970. I was born in a big and poor family... At the age of 9,I was sent away to my uncle,in the village of Talgar.

There,I continued my school,but I was also taught some important things... My uncle was a shaman,or as many others know them,witch doctors.

He taught me alot of recipes and other things that later helped me alot.


Years later,after finishing my doctor degree,I was approached by Russian diplomats to come work at the Space Station in Baikonur. There,I did normal work,examining soldiers and astronauts. It was all fine,until the war in Chernarus broke out.

A Russian Army was garrisoned there and activity was ceased until 2012,due to fear of terroristic attacks.

When everything finished,nothing went the way it was planned,in fact the situation started worsening.

The rumours of a virus...

As Alex was writing,screamings could be heard from down the hallway...

"I think it's time to suppress Ljubla."

The man left the desk and grabbed his pistol. He opened the door and went to one of the rooms further down the hall. He entered it and fired several shots.

After he had finished,he returned back at the desk and continued writing. He cut off the last line and started rephrasing his last sentence.

As I was saying... rumours of a virus brought fear into the population and also into some of the people working at the facility.

In fact,3 months later,the infection came here and we used the Space Station as a refuge... But we still had losses...

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  • Emerald

Good read Alan!

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Yes... You might think that just because we held up in a facility,infection couldn't reach us. Some people were bit and scarred,then we had the problems of infected arriving through the sewers.


I don't know how in the world I survived,but I am one lucky bastard. One by one,I had to kill people,but before,I decided to play a bit with them. I worked on different cures,based on my shaman knowledge... But none worked,in the worst case they made them even angrier.

I have been holding up in here for quite some time and I haven't seen the daylight for quite a while... I will leave and go somewhere... But where? That needs to be decided.

Alex closes the diary and throws himself into the bed,falling into a deep sleep.

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I've been sleeping for quite some time. Today is the day for making plans. I have turned on the radio and listened on many frequencies,but nothing. I have started preparing my backpack and gather all the supplies that are left in this damned facility...

Later this day I have managed to get a message! It wasn't understandable,but it kept talking about a Green Mountain and safety... I searched maps for a Green Mountain,but I have failed to find it. The search continues!


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