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The last among the undead.

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"Dante, wake up. We have to go now!" As Dante came to in a blur, he realized that something wasn't right. People were screaming and running. There was growling and terror stricken among the people. Shots pierced the air. Being stuck on base with his brother for six months, a sick wave of satisfaction went over his skin. But down in his heart he was mortified. "Dante, its up to you to get mom and your sister to safety. Here is my spare rifle. I'm counting on you Dante, we all are."

Dante was well beyond confused. He took the assault rifle looking down at it, and took out the clip. It was full, as it had been prepared while he was in slumber. "But wait how do I-..." As he looked back up, his brother was gone out of the barracks. He rushed out to get a visual of what was going on. The red lights flashed over the fort with soldiers rushing to their posts. Filled with fear, he called for his brother. "Jerry!!! Jerry where did you go!!! J-man!!! Brother!!!" He looked helplessly into the chaos before being jerked backwards by his sister. "Come on, don't worry about Jerry he can handle himself! now lets get the hell out of here!!"

Dante nodded as Natalie led him and his mother to the car they arrived in. Natalie jumped in the drivers seat while his mother in the passenger. getting in line with the convoy of vehicles, They bolted out to see the reason for the alert. A plague had reached the base. The creatures who were wrought with the disease were attacking the barricades. The moment that they would come to the gate, they would be shot down by machine gun fire. The only thing is that they wouldn't stop coming.

"Why is the base being evacuated?" Dante ask.

"Apparently there was a breach. One of those things was brought in and bit a few soldiers. Its turning into fucking dawn of the dead here!"

Not a moment after Natalie's words exited her mouth, an enormous wave swept the convoy. The zombies jumped on the car in front of them. Swerving to miss, the rear wheel went down into the ditch getting caught, causing the car to flip multiple times down into the tree line. For Dante, time slowed down. His whole life flashed in an instant. And just before he hit that last tree that stopped the car, he closed his eyes waiting for impact. But there was no impact for many minutes.

Opening his eyes again he awoke next to his campfire to realize it was only a dream. Only past memories of the beginning of the end. Throwing another log on the fire he sat in solitude with his knees against his chest, sitting on the mountain just wondering....

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  • Sapphire

Pretty good man, well done!

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