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Journal of Sean Flynn(WIP)

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Guest Muncini

Sean Flynn's Journal

* A Picture would be on the front page *


Joshua - Me - Mary

[align=left]Day 1

[align=left]I have been traveling on this boat for a day and now it's dark. I was lucky that i found this one. Hopefully the fuel will be enough to get to Chernarus. In a day or two i will be there, Taviana is far from it so hopefully Chernarus wont be infected too. Joshua, my son should be there too. I got news that he was evacuated there, i could not make it to the evacuation site.

I have to tell him what happened to Mary, he will hate me for it. But i had no choice, i will never forgive myself for letting it happen either. I got enough food, so i should be able to survive until i get there. I got to get some sleep and then keep traveling in the morning.

[align=left]Day 2

[align=left]I have been traveling for almost a day now again. I am almost out of fuel, i might die out here on the ocean. A storm looks like it's heading this way too. Shit, i wont give up on this. I need to find my son, tell him the bad news and maybe get a new place to live at.

I had to shoot her, Mary, my love, my wife. She was infected and had turned into one of those. I still got the shotgun with me, no ammo though. But if the storm hits soon, i probably wont survive and will drown. The boat can't stand a storm, it's not in a good enough state. Anyway, i should get some sleep. Hopefully the storm change direction until tomorrow and i might turn up on Chernarus too.

[align=left]Day 3

[align=left]The storm has almost hit me now, the fuel is out. I might die out here, i wont find my son and he wont know what happened to me or his mother. I have barricaded me inside the hut of this boat, if i am able to ride out the storm i might be able to see Chernarus. But that is just a maybe.

The storm might even take me far from land or as i said the boat probably will go under. I should get something to eat and ride the storm out, my food and drinks is almost gone too.

[align=left]Day 4

((More will come and i will fix it up better, eventually this will tell of my chars run through the server and his adventures of him.))

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