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  • Emerald

Link to report : None was on TS3

Why the verdict is not fair : I logged into Karaoke room and I had a soundboard that plays when I activate my PTT. I didnt realize I had the soundboard ts3 profile on and I went in the channel Rolle was in and hit my PTT key and it played and I muted my mic as quick as possible and that got perma banned. Sorry about that

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) :

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : Unbanned from TS3

What could you have done better? Checked my ts3 profiles for which one is set to default when logging in.

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  • Emerald

[align=justify]You did it couple of times before you were banned. It wasn't the first time. We DO NOT tolerate trolling of any kind; not in the forums, not in-game and not in 'Team-Speak'.

You will remain permanent banned from 'Team-Speak' until we decide else.

- Appeal Denied.

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