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Just wanted to say hi!

Guest ElisBoii

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Guest ElisBoii

Yea, i just wanted to say hi!

Ive played on this server since 2012, and i just felt like starting again when i read our old clan thread (The Federation). Ive had alot of fun here, and im really tired to play on the normal servers and just getting killed and all that, and since i play some papper-dice rpgs, its gonna be fun to RP serious here aswell.

Anyways, my name is Elis and im 16 (17 in about 2 months). I like to play papper-dice rpgs, and i always liked RPGs like Fallout and skyrim.

My main intrests is Fotball/soccer and computer games.

Im currently studying in a "yrkesutbildning" here in sweden, and my goal is to be painter.

Just wanted to say hi, and im really looking forward to start playing here again. Just hopeing someone remembers me and the server havnt changed to much, hope to see you ingame :)

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Welcome back to the server.

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