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DayZRP Epoch


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I believe that DayZRP would be a much better experience if it was made into a Epoch server, but still keep the essential RP rules, like no KoS.. etc. Building bases would have a huge effect on the server, then people could get locked cars and the money would be big deal, because you would have to rob people for their money, then the settlements could be the trader areas(just a thought), or you could keep settlements and trader areas separate. Overall i think having DayZRP has an Epoch server would be much more enjoyable, and people would have more of a purpose and objective, and then people could RP showing people their bases cars etc, and what they have accomplished over the years of the apocalypse. And please everyone give your input on having a DayZRP Epoch server.

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Use the search button, it has been discussed before. I think one of the staff members told me that the system would just too easily be abused by people. Also think about all the lag and desync we have now at this curent time, it would be much worse with the epoch mod and all the mods we currently have on.

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  • Emerald

Like said above, use the search function. This has been talked about a countless amount of times, and we have already gone over its good and bads.

We're not being harsh about it or anything just want to inform you :P

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