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Boat captain

Guest Thor Hayden

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Guest Thor Hayden

Hello my name is Thor Hayden and I`m from Norway, my age is 65 years. Before I was a boat captain on the ship SS VIKING that delivred guns and vehicls around the world,but it decreased in a huge storm at the sea. The storm was so powerfull! The sea where to big and my boat started to take in a lot of water in and we had to leave my ship.. Me and two other of my crew got away in a small boat. But the sea did not like us so I did the smartest ting to do at that time, I toke some rope, tok it around me and the seat`s in the boat. My crew where to slow... the sea took them away. Later when the storm where no longer so bad I saw land, I went fast to this place. Now I was on this place somewhere in the world not prepard for what cruel and dangerrous things ahead.

My name is Thor Hayden and this is my story on how I survive.[/u][/size]

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  • Sapphire

I like it!

//Few Dramatical Errors, but the story itself, is lovely. Well done!

//Grammatical, if you wanna point it out do it right ;P

Nice story my man I'd like to see more

Few Dramatical Errors


Nice little story !


Never mind I've been trolled.

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