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Ryan O'Ryan, The Addict.


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Name: Ryan O'Ryan

Sex: Male

Age: 38

Nationality: Irish

Place of birth: Northern Ireland, Belfast

Pre outbreak profession: ex Small business owner, Mercenary.

Personality: Depressed, Hard, Loyal, Courageous.


The meeting...


Ryan: *Downs bottle of unknown pills*

Friend: *Sits next to Ryan then sighs* I see you are still on the pills, what happened to getting clean?

Ryan: Yeah that was before we got were in this hell hole.

Friend: Hey man it was not up to me, I never wanted to come to Takistan.

Ryan: ...

Friend: Well listen friend, We got a new job. My contacts know about a couple of guys in Russia starting an expedition to go to... Chernarus.

Ryan: Whoa hold the fuck up lad, you want to go neck deep into a country that happens to have one of the worse virus's humanity has ever seen in it? Listen I don't know what the fuck you are on but give me some.

Friend: Listen they are paying good fucking money and all we have to do is get on a boat with a bunch of other mercs.

Ryan: Do we even know these guys?

Friend: Well we are in the dark, I just know a bunch of crazy ex military homeless Russians are tagging along.

Ryan: What in the fuck are you getting me into?

Friend: Listen... These men are offering to pay a lot of money.

Ryan: How much?

Friend: 2k for everyday we are there.

Ryan: Well I-I... It is better than this shit hole I guess

Friend: That is the spirit friend I will call my buddy and let him know

Ryan: *downs another bottle of pills*

The Flight.


Ryan: *sits down in one of the isles*

Friend: *sits next to Ryan*

Ryan: *pulls out picture of son*

Friend: So how is he doing?

Ryan: He is still fighting the Cancer...

Friend: Ah... Any signs of remission?

Ryan: From what I am told no.

Friend: How is the wife taking this?

Ryan: First of all its ex wife and I don't know she just sends me an email every month or so of details involving our son.

Friend: What happened between you two? I remember you two use to be actually happy but now.. You are addicted to painkillers and she is a depressed wreck.

Ryan: I told her this work was the only way I could pay for our boy's treatments but she did not appreciate it and I said fuck you and signed up with you and that was the last time I saw her.

Friend: *sighs*



Friend: We are finally here!

Ryan: Where is the nearest pub? I need a drink.

Friend: Oh your bullshit can wait the boat is leaving soon!

Ryan: Fine, hey you go on ahead I know where I am going I need to make a phone call

Friend: Sounds good but they will leave you if you take to long.

Ryan: yeah yeah now I aint fucking daft.

Friend: aight *leaves*

Ryan: *pulls up contacts on his cell phone, calls person labeled as ex*

Ex wife: Hello? who is this?

Ryan: Its me...

Ex wife: Oh my fucking god.

Ryan: N-no no no, please don't hang up!

Ex wife: What do you want?

Ryan: C-can I just talk to him?

Ex wife: I have told you already! He is gone! *crying sounds* Stop sending me this blood money it is bullshit! You know he is gone now accept it and move on!

Ryan: My boy is not fucking dead you bitch! H-he's not dead, he is not dead, he is not dead!!!

Ex wife: Get help Ryan. I do not know where you are but where ever you go get help, and don't even think of coming back here. I have the police tracking this call as we speak so you better start fucking running you crazy fuck. *hangs up phone*

Ryan: *cries*

The Boat Ride.


Friend: Hey Ryan you alright man? you have not said a word ever since you got on the boat.

Ryan: Yeah brother I just need sometime to relax...

Friend: So... you called your wife huh?

Ryan: Yeah.

Friend: And how did it go?


Friend: Come on you can tell me!

Ryan: It went fine... My son is doing fine everything is alright.

Friend: Good good you sure everything is alright though?

Ryan: I said I was fine you idiot do I need to spell it? My son is fine and is going to be making a full recovery so stop prying you nosy fucker

Friend: *pushes Ryan* What the fuck is your problem!

Ryan: *punches Friend* *they continue to start a bloody brawl between the two.

Ulman mil'nek: *pulls the fighting idiots apart* *begins to talk in a Russian accent* Listen you two little pieces of shit, stop fighting we have a job to do and I swear all that is fucking great I will kill you both if you keep this up!

The Arrival


Ulman Mil'nek: Alright men we need to get to the south eastern comm towers. We have 48 hours.

crew: yes sir

After doing the job the crew came back to the ship at the docks of Desal to find it had left them, stranded with Ulman stepping up as the leader. Ulman and his crew wondered the coast making trips from Cherno to Berezino. The crew did a lot of things to survive... A lot of bad things. Many people died, out of the ten people that came to Chernarus only four remained. And the crew was desperate. The crew eventually disbanded going their own ways.

Ryan grew fond of Ulman and his crew and was saddened to have to part ways but it was for the best.

Two months later

After wondering around for a couple of months Ryan was starting to lose hope and then he overheard some men talking about an Outpost Ranger being gunned down, Ryan was curious so he listened in, only to find out that the rangers name was Ulman. And then Ryan had purpose in his life yet again. Find the men who gunned down Ulman and survive.

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  • Sapphire

That was amazing !

I like the approach you took with photos(just resize the map one so they all have the same size :)) story itself is very well done.

Took your advice and downsized the map :D

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