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Arma 2: You Were Kicked: (Wrong Game Version)

Guest Daniel Millar

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Guest Daniel Millar

So, my Arma 2 randomly decided to stop working, because thats how an Arma do.

Since the Armaholic forums are about as useful as a dead horse, I figured I'd try my luck with you lovely people.

Whenever I try and join any kind of server running Arma 2, I get on the wait for host screen, then I am kicked with the message:

"Wrong Game Version"

I went into DayZed Commander, and launched a DayZ server, which worked fine, as did DayZRP.

So, I tried re-installing an older version of Arma 2 via DayZed Commander, I joined a Wasteland server, joined Blufor, loaded in, walking around for about a minute, then I was kicked for the same reason.

I am currently re-installing Arma 2 OA, if this doesn't work, I don't know what will.

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