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Not spawning Zombies?

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So today when I logged in all of the action lag was fixed, my indicators were updating properly and everything. As I approached Berezino I noticed that my character was not spawning zombies or loot. Does anyone know why this is happening?

EDIT: I just relogged, now my action lag is back but I have zombies. Now I am completely stumped as to what is going on. The zombie spawns seem to be localized to where I relog to as does the loot. Past a certain radius the zombies do not spawn. If the staff needs me for further experimentation just contact me.

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The zombies and loot not spawning is a problem a lot of people are having. It is due to desync/ lag.

This is a known issue and the staff team are working their hardest to find the source of the desync/ lag and will hopefully have it sorted soon.

If you need or have any more information then feel free to pm me and I will gladly help.

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