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Amir AsaduAllah - The Messenger

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// This first post is a simple overview of Amir and how he came to Chernarus. Details have been left out for a reason, if you wish to know more about his journey segments will be posted as his journey continues//

Amir AsaduAllah. Many assume to be some sort of Arab (usually from Takistan) and is part of some rebellion to end a corrupt government.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Amir is an Australian who was born in the city of Sydney but had moved to the Gold Coast at an early age. Not a Arab but a Muslim family he was raised in taught him the teaching of Islam (sunni) and how best to server his god Allah. Often known for his strong stance on defending those weaker then him and often known for always winning confrontations due to his rather unusually large body build, but more then that, his ability to intimidate.

Preferring to be alone studying the Holy Quran, Amir went to a private Islamic school until he completed his High School years. Again often getting in trouble with authority for fights but often for the right reasons..

Well how did a Muslim end up in Orthodox-Christian dominated Chernaraus? That is the reason in itself. Amir dreamed of travelling the world to simply meet other Muslims and discuss the topics of the Quran, he was also interested in history and philosophy.

However after doing some travelling overseas he realised that Islam had not been heard by all the ears of the world and instead of returning to Australia to begin a possibly very successful life as a university student, he decided to travel to remote areas of the world to spread the word of his merciful and mighty lord Allah to all who had not heard it.

This is where his journey truly began. He travelled to the depths of South America primarily in Chile travelling between all major living areas to ensure the Qurans word was spread as much as possible. After Chile Amir decided to head up the entire west coast of the Americas despite the warnings of all he met he ignored the dangers of alleged drug lords and crime syndicates and successfully (after 4 years) he had reached the tip of Alaska. Having gone through what he considered to be the most neglected areas of the west coast of the Americas Amir decided to spend the rest of his life this way.

Shortly after arriving in Alaska Amir had spent some time with a local ethnic Russian family, they rejected Islam itself but were honourable people and offered him shelter until he decided his next step. The family talked to him about the poorest of the provinces in Russia and mentioned the names Chernaraus and Taviana as the most neglected. Their respect was shown in full colours when they told Amir their relatives would be more then willing to host him, It was clear what his next step would be.

Within two weeks of travelling to Taviana Amir had been met with nothing but kindness and generosity, despite the traditional Orthodox religion that had dominated Taviana for centuries. Eventually after about three months of travelling across Taviana he decided any more time spent there was futile and decided to leave for the mainland.

Unfortunately there was something stopping him..

The Outbreak.

I am Amir AsaduAllah.

This is my story.

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*Amir sits underneath a pine tree in what appears to be in the North West of Chernaraus*

*Rain trickles down the pine tree and falls onto the back of his neck, Amir slides back into his tent and opens his personal journal*

*He pleas out loud*

'O' Allah I need your guidance, I need your wisdom, I need your love O' Allah!'


*several minutes pass, the rain softly taps on his tent as he pulls out a pen from his pocket*

'Maybe, maybe when Allah takes me, whoever finds my body can know my story and learn from it'. 'I dont know if I can do this... but I must.'

*Amir begins writing as tears begin to dry on his cheek*

Journal Entry #1: 17th December 2013(Date found by calculating amount of days passed since lastest newspaper found)

"Salam Alaykum dear reader. If you are reading this then I have finally found my place in Paradise with my lord Allah. It is inevitable that this will happen and O' my Lord I hope it is soon. But until then I will hopefully be able to help YOU my dear reader. I will account my journey in the land of lifelessness and hopefully I will be able to provide you with crucial information that will help you survive... At least one more day."

"There is no other way to put it (and im sure you already know), the world is over. My lord Allah has allowed the dead to rise from the grave, the alive to be dead while being alive. Almost impossible to imagine and even further difficult to comprehend. I do not know much about it, I only know what I have witnessed with my two eyes which I will now convey to you. Whether this helps you or not atleast it is SOMETHING, something to give you a little bit of hope, for I now have none. The greatest hope that I have now is to make a difference in a poor souls life whether it be after or before mine is taken."

"Unfortunately (or fortunately for myself) I was not on the mainland of Chernaraus when this evil was unleashed, I know nothing of WHERE, WHO or WHY it has happened, all I know is that it has happened.

This isnt a nightmare.

This is our new reality."

"My first encounter with these creatures happened in the port city of Berezino, roughly two days ago. Me and my brothers and sisters of Islam were returning from a week of festivities on the island known as 'Skallisty'. Our ship turned into port expecting to see the docks of Berezino alive with activity, I was even expecting to see my dear old friend and (as far as I know) the only other Australian in Chernaraus; Bruce Kennedy unloading his trawler from several months of fishing.

We arrived in port roughly at 9pm, Berezino was anything but alive.."

"Fire had engulfed the industrial areas of Berezino casting shadows possibly a few dozen metres high, from these shadows the image of people running frantically around in a almost mindless manner could be seen quite clearly."

"Me and my brothers and sisters stepped off the ship as quickly as possible running straight towards the fires hoping to help the shadows running around the red brick walls next to it. In total there were 56 of us so we thought our help was not just generous but almost required to provide manpower to stop these massive fires from destroying the city."

"I shouted to everyone running with me 'Keep the children back!' The smoke was enough to choke an elephant to death the lungs of a child would barely survive two minutes. We rounded the corner to one of the fires,

we all completely stopped dead,

I can guarantee all of us were thinking the same thing;

had we taken a wrong turn and ended up in hell?"

"The "people" running around the fires were growling like animals, some were even eating what appeared to be human remains on the edges of the fire. Others were running around the fire jumping in the air swinging their arms and legs uncontrollably. There had to be atleast 80 "people" running around it.

One of the children had snuck to the front of our group. She let out one of the most sincere screams of horror my ears have ever been cursed with hearing.

Then atleast 80 pairs of red eyes snapped straight towards her.

Atleast 80 pairs of legs started charging towards her.

Then we realised we hadn't made a wrong turn into hell.

Someone had released hell into the world."

"Events that occured after are fairly bogged in my mind. I remember yelling 'RUN!!' and everyone did exactly that, but there was no organisation,

no idea what to do,

no hope for us..

I was unlucky as well as lucky, I was one of the faster runners but that also meant when my leg collided with the bumper of a car the damage was almost twice of what it would have been to a regular person.

I managed to crawl underneath the car."

"This is hard to recall.."

"Yet it may save your life, may Allah give me strength.."

"I saw the elderly get ripped limb from limb as they were incapable of running fast enough if at all. Their limbs were thrown over a dozen metres away as the rest of their bodies were devoured.

I saw a family run inside a house just across from the industrial area, a wife, a husband and two little boys.. All followed by a dozen monsters into that tiny little house.. Their screams still haunt me.."

"as I write this tears and the urge to be ill are overcoming by body.

But I will try my best."

"I saw the litte girl..

the little girl who had screamed first, when we first saw these monsters; servants of the devil..

I watched helplessly as she was smashed into the red brick wall by a few monsters..




I pray every day to Allah that was what killed her and not the feasting they commited on her body.."

"I cannot get her face out of my head!!"

*Amir bangs his head with his fists*

'O Allah why do you allow this to happen!?!?!'


*Amir sobs uncontrollably, the rain intensifies*


*Amir continuously repeats himself, until he finally sobs him-self to sleep..*

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* Amir returns to his tent after successfully hunting some rabbit, he begins to cook it over the fire as he draws out his pen for another try at his journal*

Journal Entry #2 18th December 2013

"Wa Salam Alaykum friend.

It has been but a day since my last journal and not too much has changed, I am still in the North West of Chernaraus, I am doing well for myself in terms of survival. I met an anonymous group of men early this morning and spent most of the day with them learning much about survival in particular military-grade weapons. I am now profecient with several commom assualt rifles which they said I needed to be and from what they told me I agree.."

"So my friend you are probably wondering why I am on the far side of Chernaraus in terms from Berezino. Well that is hard to explain. Since I can barely remember.

After a while of hiding underneath the car with my injured most of the survivors seemed to be dead or (hopefully) escaped and left the area. I could see the monsters were busy feasting on the flesh of those fallen and decided I needed to leave the area right there and then."

"This is when I learned the generosity and guidance of my Lord Allah, I climbed into the front of the car I had spent hours underneath and managed to lift my injured leg into it. By the will of Allah the car worked! I remember never driving so fast in my life I simply drove out of the town. The simplicity of my escape was shameful as if I had known the car worked I may have been unable to save some others.."

"Anyway the last thing I remember of that night was the front right wheel of the car giving out and I crashed into the corner of crashed truck, then I remember nothing."

"I woke up the next day right next to what was left of the car that had saved my life, the first thing I did right there and then, was pray. I made Dua for my fallen brothers and sisters and asked Allah for guidance and forgiveness for not forseeing this horrific evil that had swept Chernaraus. I could see the tips of a tower just west of me and nothing else in my immediate area, I limped over to it hoping to find someone, or something that wouldnt want to eat me. My hopes were once again extinguished.."

"After circling around the castle which from what I remember was called "devils castle" I continued west, I walked for hours. Growing thirsty and hungry I was forced to have my second close encounter with these monsters (which the strangers earlier called 'Zeds') in the airfield in the North West of Chernaraus. There is no point in going into detail about that but in short I managed to find some food and drinks. I also found a military weapon which the strangers earlier referred to as a 'Bizon'."

"I continued west and found a small town which seemed to have no name and by my luck I found a tent and some basic survival supplies. Which leads me to my current position. I have set up camp amongst the pine trees, the strangers I met said it would be fairly safe as most traffic in the area usually sticks to the main road not far from my current position. However the greatest of my hopes was lost today upon meeting the strangers in town.."

"They told me they originated from a town known as 'Solnichy'. They also told me there was no warning at all about the 'infection' (what they called this evil) and it had happened roughly 24 hours after my party's departure. That was not the bad part of the news they had for me.. In the past week they said people had begun to be violent not just towards these 'Zeds' but also to each other. The stories they told me reminded me of that horrific night..."

"They told me they were heading west from Solnichy when they had found a dead body in the middle of a valley, they described me the characteristics of the body, they described to me the tattoos on the face of the body, they also described me the I.D on the body.

They found Bruce Kennedys body.

Best the travellers could tell was that he had been kidnapped and was to be sold into slavery (they recognised the symbol branded into his flesh), they also knew he had been tortutred so, so badly. He had been beaten and mutilated.

And for what?

I do not know.

But I do know this..

Whoever did this is going to answer for their crimes.

InshaAllah I will never allow this to happen again to any innocent of this dead land.

Never again.."

*A tear drops from Amirs cheek onto the journal.*

*He stands up, hides his face in a Khufiya, grabs his weapon and leaves the camp, with the intent of a hero,

but a heart stone cold..*

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Journal Entry *3 2/01/2014

"Wa Salam Alaykum my dear friend.

A lot has happened in the past week and a bit, I feel the pages of this book completely filled could not even help myself to comprehend my own feelings. Yet for the sake of your survival I will attempt to document my journey more often InshaAllah."

"So after my last journal entry I had plans...

Plans with bad intentions."

"I wanted to find the killers of my dear friend Bruce Kennedy. I wanted them to feel unimaginable pain, I wanted them to be dead."

"However instead I have made the greatest friendship with someone then I have in a very long time. My new companion; Dr Arcarius Rilio. We met under awkward circumstances, I guess the shorter (and for you more important) story was I was looting a town known as Novy Sobor, just south of that survivor settlement known as Altar."

"I was doing well for myself by now and had some decent weaponry, I was actually looking for vehicle parts and such when I heard a car pull into the very same compound I was in!"

"Naturally I took up a defensive position to observer the car, it looked like some old military vehicle but more importantly it had only one man inside who was COMPLETELY oblivious to my presence. I was inside a barn-house right next to him I had my weapon raised,

my finger on the trigger,

I had Bruce Kennedys death on my mind.."

"But something about this individual caught my attention, it was almost like an innocence, perhaps it was because he was completely oblivious to me, perhaps it was because of the medical equipment he was carrying, either way he seemed far too innocent for me to rob or kill."

"But then I couldn't just let him leave, it was clear he was brought here for a reason, not just to refuel a car, but to pick me up. It was clear this man had been guided by my most Merciful Lord Allah. So I walked out of the barn-house and said".

"Wa Salam Alaykum..

For the first time since the infection had begun, someone had asked what my name was instead of pointing a gun at me and yelling get on the ground".

"And this takes us to the conclusion of this entry, I am sorry dear friend but I grow hungry and tired, I need to be well rested for my protection duties tomorrow,

I wonder what tomorrow will bring,

I wonder if my brother is watching over me,

I wonder if angels are anywhere on Earth..

Allah knows I need one.

"Goodnight my dear friend"

*Amir places journal in bag and lies down.*

*Just as the rain begins to patter gently onto his tent*


*And he dreams...*

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[i]Journal Entry *4 5/1/2014[/i]

*Amir sits by the camp fire, on the edge of a cliff at ...*

*The sea breeze refreshes Amirs mind as he opens his journal and begins to write*

"Wa Salam Alaykum my dearest friend. It feels like it has been a century since my last entry, enough has happened to fill a centuries worth of pages. I am still travelling what is left of Chernaraus with my companion who I have now come to call 'Arcy'. Since we met we have had many, many adventures."

"Unfortunately my dearest unknown friend I will not be able to tell you every one of these adventures for I fear this journal carries too little pages. All I can tell you is he is like a little brother to me. Despite him being older by quite a few years I feel responsible for him. I guess it was because of his innocence on that day."

"Either way now me and him have travelled across the entirety of Chernaraus. Now we are attempting to make a home, I wont write where exactly but if you have found this journal I am going to presume you are sitting where I am right now. It is a home of peace and security, and even beauty. When I sit here and cast my eyes over the bay before me I get the urge to write, write beautiful things, instead of things of dark and brutal origin."

"We have also made many friends in our journey, in particular a group calling themselves the Watchers. A kind and generous people, they seem to value mine and Arcys skills so we seem to all get along really well. I have not met many of them but from the very few I have met the rest must all be true heroes of the world. But I was always told never to judge a book by its cover.. I always suspect."

"I have been told living a life alone is living a life without really having lived. But now I constantly ask myself is any life in this world now worth living? Bruce was the only friend I had left in the world..

He was strung up like a fucking dog,

He was treated like an animal.."

"I have some serious choices to make. Choices that will also effect the people around me, I have made some great friendships. But I have lost too much.

I can still see that little girls face when I sleep,

I see the horror in her eyes,

Then I hear her scream."

"Every single Muslim I know is dead. The Ummah has been completely wiped off the Earth. My Ummah.. My Tribe.."

"I know Allah is still guiding me but it seems he has left me at a crossroads..

So very few choices yet so many consequences.

I don't know much about the world now, even the Quran seems to know as much as I do.

All I know is this;

All things come to an end.."



*Amir sobs and screams in his sleep*






*Amirs hand reaches for his pistol*


*Amir puts gun to head, continues to sob..*




*Amir pulls the trigger..

nothing but a click..

The chamber is empty..*

"O my lord please take me.."

*Amir collapses by the campfire.. he sobs quietly.*


"I have delivered your message..

Yet you still punish me.

I have been your messenger my entire life."

*Final tear rolls down cheek*

"Please take me ... For only an angel can save me..

Such a beauty cannot exist in such a wasteland.

O Allah please return me.."

*Amir closes his eyes...

.. And dreams"

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Journal Entry *5 7/1/2014

"I don't know how much longer I have dear friend, I expect to be dead in a week. One way or another. My journey in this wasteland is not one of the average traveller, I have bonds with people, bonds that are stronger then the very mountain I sit on at this very moment. I could not have asked for more then what I have received, even in a world without hope, the people around me have given me some, at least enough to keep me going."

"My most Merciful and Might Lord Allah has always been my light in the darkness, but that is a light reserved to comfort only the end of my journey in this life. Depending how I conduct myself in his righteous test ofcourse. Yet despite my good deads in spreading my Lords word, I fear I have failed this test.."

"The situation revolving around my death will most likely be quite clear to you, for I shall not reveal such matters at this time. Just in case someone sees this before they need to.. No instead I would like to share with you the secret to living a long and fulfilling life in this monstrous wasteland."

"The secret is quite simple, a question a thousand pages of text could not answer yet the heart of each and every man and woman on Earth is now constantly trying to answer. That question ofcourse is...


I am not asking for your name,

I am not asking for your labelled race

And I am not asking for a fingerprint.

I am asking you.. WHAT are you?

Are you a good person? Do you share compassion for others? Do you hope to find not just friendship but perhaps also love in such a wasteland? Do you share what you have little of? Do you take what you have plentiful of?

Is your soul pure? Or perhaps clouded with anger and ignorance..?

These questions are just a few that will give you the ultimate question that every soul on this earth holds in wanting; what does the future hold?"

"Ofcourse there are far more questions but the generality of the question 'WHO ARE YOU?' is perhaps the father of all of these questions.. If you have the tenacity, the courage, the strength and perhaps the wisdom to answer this question. I guarantee you will be able to see the future that our Mighty Lord Allah has set in stone for us."

"I am a weak man, and a coward. I cannot hope to imagine my own answer for this question, that is for me to find out on the day of Judgement. However if it were not for the people who I had met in this wasteland, I know I would be a very, very different man."

"The following pages of writing I would like to dedicate to each person who has molded me into the man I have become, as well as the groups and not just the individual. Ofcourse part of me will continue fighting against the odds until the end. But I still feel it I should at least do this, just in case my fears do come true and I am nothing but a corpse by the end of this week..

So perhaps with your aid my dear friend these people will know what I truly think about them."

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Guest Shadow

// Well done Amir. I can see how you have developed the character.

It shows in your writing as I can see major improvements in not just your use of language but you have found your style of writing also.

Looking forward to see how it keeps going :)

//Thanks means a lot!

Its definitely not my best writing.

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Journal Entry *6 8/1/2014

*Amir sits in the boathouse of the outpost T.O.R, the rain pounds the roof and the sea breeze picks up.

An unnatural chill is in the air*

"There is very little time my dear stranger. As I promised in my previous entry the next few pages will be dedicated to the people who have shaped me, into what I am now. Whatever that is.."

"Unfortunately there are far too many people for me to mention in what few pages I have remaining, however I would first like to dedicate my respects to all those who I have met that have perished. Regardless of their circumstances I pray every day for my brothers and sisters that they find peace in Junnah and are looking down upon the Earth guiding the few remnants of humanity. InshaAllah I will see them all again when I am laid to rest and rejoice forever in paradise."

"Mick Tompson. Although I met him with great suspicion I have grown to admire this man greatly. Perhaps he can understand me more-so then anyone else I know. That is still alive of course. Despite major differences in mine and his adventure we both feel the compassion and loyalty to our people. For him his people is the Watchers. For me well, I have lost all of my people..

*Amir struggles to continue writing while holding back tears*

"I saved my dear friend Mick from the Watchers when I knew almost nothing about him, despite my doubts he earned all of my sympathy once he had explained to me his situation. That's why I have vowed to myself to help him, help him return to his people. Even though I could never return to my people maybe I can do so for others.

To me there is nothing more beautiful and righteous in the world then to do such. In any case he will be the only person I tell when I *****. He may even wish to join me, I hope not for he belongs with his people and what I am going to do must be done. Whether it ends up with me in the very depths of Hellfire I am doing this, the best I can do is ask for my Lords forgiveness and understanding."

"Mick is one of the few people left in this wasteland worth dying for, if I had to act upon such words I would do so without question. He is a naturally born leader but I think he fails to see it, I hope he becomes leader of the Watchers.

And with all of my heart and soul I wish him the best of luck and the greatest of happiness a mortal life can provide. Mick if you are reading this in the event I am dead and you are not. Please know I will be watching over you from the heavens, I will make Dua for you and do my best to guide you through troubled times.

This I can promise you my dear brother."

*Amir places his journal in his lap,

He examines his arms and the monstrous veins bulging through the skin.

Laughter and celebrations can be heard by the campfire. Yet Amir sits in the boathouse,

And holding back what few tears he has remaining mumbles...

"I'm running out of time"...

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Brilliant stories amir! And they are fully IC experiences Keep up the great work I really do enjoy reading your stories. Might try and meet you "again" now for a bit of fame :P

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Guest Shadow

Brilliant stories amir! And they are fully IC experiences Keep up the great work I really do enjoy reading your stories. Might try and meet you "again" now for a bit of fame :P

wow dude really that means a lot thanks!

Oh and Im not sure if you know but I posted on the "whose rp did you enjoy today" thread. Your name was included bud excellent rp at the boathouse!

speechless... very well written Amir! <3


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*Amir sits by his campfire on the cliff-face overlooking the T.O.R outpost. He pulls out his journal, a pencil to write with. But the pencil has been snapped!

Amir cries in anger.

He throws his journal into his tent out of anger and burts out hysterically.

'Ya Allah!!'

*He screams out to the night sky*

'O my lord! you have cursed me with allowing to write a goodbye. Yet you cannot grant my mind its only peace!

What has your messenger done to deserver such hatred?!!'

*Amir collapses to his knees. Tears pour through his Khufiya*

'I have abandoned all I loved!

My only friends!


Yet O Allah you continue to damn me to eternal emptiness!

My only wish in life is to redeem myself..


*Amir collapses onto his face, sobbing hysterically. Slamming his fists into the dirt. He begins to realise he is without hope..

Without life..

And without anything left to love.

He walks towards the edge of the cliff-face while whispering*

'You stopped me before from doing this, yet now there is nothing to stop me. Nothing but one of your "angels". Ha! You do not even listen to my pleas why would you send such aid?

*Amir continues walking to the edge*

' I spread your word. I fought for the weak and I gave all my love to you.'

*Amirs feet stop at the very edge*

'Well my Lord the time for my day of judgement has come...

It is time for me to leave everything you gave me,

And completely destroyed it.

It is time for us to meet face to face.

It is time for me to die...'

*Amir swings the full weight of his body forward.

Into the Abyss..

Into the emptiness of self-pity..

Into the depths of despair.*

*The last words written by Amir.*

"Heroes are born from the despair of others.

Yet I feel nothing but the hatred of a villain."

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That end quote!! Jesus amazing read... I got 4 rp stories to update and this has put me in the mood :D

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No really where did you get that quote from?? You made it or quotewiki :D?

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With a loud scream and clash of lightening she collided with the man falling from the cliff in mid-air knocking him unconscious. Wrapping her arms and legs around his body to secure him she struggled to flap her wings hard enough to compensate for the sudden addition of his weight. After taking a few moments to right herself she gently glided down the cliff to a small clearing in the woods where she landed and laid him gently on the ground.

She quickly gathered some sticks and leaves and built a fire to keep the man warm. Kneeling next to him, she placed glowing hands on his head and then ran a finger across the open bleeding gash on his forhead, watching it slowly heal.

She placed a glowing hand on his heart, ""No Salat Algayb for you yet. Sometimes falling is the only way to find the strength to stand." She kissed his cheek and watched as the glowing marks made by her lips faded into his skin. "Ummah," she murmured in his ear.

She stood up and pulled his battered journal out of her backpack and then paused thoughtfully for a moment staring down at the man. She smiled and then stretched her wings wide before carefully plucking a feather and then tucking it into the journal. She placed the journal beside him along with two syringes filled with mysterious fluid and then whispered, "Your story is just beginning."

...and with a flash of light she was gone.

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*Amir awakens suddenly. He is lying down next to a campfire, bewildered with disbelief he examines his body*

'Is this what "paradise" is? There is no way I could have survived that fall..'

*His body is void of any wounds whatsoever, He notices two syringes and his journal next to him*


This isn't possible! I threw them into the tent before I jumped.



*Amir has tears of joy pouring from his face as he prays*

'My lord you protected me! You listened!

May I be sent to hell fire should I ever doubt you again!'

*Amir finishes praying and picks up his journal and syringes. A white feather falls from the journal.

It is in perfect condition, almost unnaturally..*

*Amir shrugs and places the feather inside his jacket pocket. And begins to walk back up the cliff to his camp. While mumbling...*

'Its time to begin...'

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Journal Entry*7 15/01/2014

"Wa Salam Alaykum my dear friend. A lot has happened in the past week, far too much in too little time.

I have left my family behind at the T.O.R outpost. Arcarius, Sophia and Mick. I have decided to leave them without even saying goodbye properly. It pains me to do this to them but I have my reasons, whether you or anyone else cannot understand it is irrelevant. Primarily it was to protect them but since leaving I have found my path is more then what I first expected."

"There is an evil in this land. An evil unforeseen, something more then just mindless zombies running around the countryside, and something more then gutless bandits. I don't know what it is but I have felt it for a very long time now. Knawing at me, whispering in my head. Hah maybe its just the fact that my body has turned into some sort of super-soldier freak. Yes its true, I was kidnapped but a few days ago the man claimed TOTAL FAULT FOR THE INFECTION OUTBREAK!!.

Apparently his associates were trying to create some sort of super soldier but instead turned everyone into mindless animals.

Ha how ironic.

Well the thing is he injected me and a friend of mine with this "super soldier virus" in the hopes of turning me into the "perfect specimen".

This is Haram and completely unnatural yet I could not resist, him and his friends are powerful.. Too powerful for me.

Well atleast they were.

Now I sit here cleaning my rifle.



And praying.

My skin has gone pale white and all of my hair has fallen off.. I know my body is stronger now, I'm just worried at what cost?

Guess only time will tell.

In the meantime ill try to look out for my friends, whether it be from the shadows or the heavens above I will always keep an eye out for them. Ha even today I ran into Arcarius, fortunately I don't think he recognised me and I was able to help some of his friends.

I actually saved two lives today.

I think Allah has allowed me to gain these foreign powers for a reason, Maybe to do good. Instead of what I was planning..

It is hard to fight this evil inside me."

*Amir gently holds his white feather in his hand, twirling it with his pale fingers*

"But I know someone's looking out for me"

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