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Tour de Chernarus v2

Guest ArcticStarling

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Guest ArcticStarling

Tour de Chernarus



I'd like to give thanks to three people who have helped me with this event,Mick Thompson (HolyKrap) spent 5 hours designing the original mission file the night Rolle told us we needed one, Kakan also has donated his time and effort to improve and tweak Micks file with his advanced knowledge. TheMushM has dedicated his time to designed a beautiful media thread for the event and has shown his care for the event.

The original event

The original event had quite a few flaws, namely that everyone got lost on the first few turns, the other is that admins had to spawn in bikes every time they broke (alot). But we had a lot of fun, despite helicopter crashes, initiations and the admin mobile breaking peoples bikes (sorry :P), so if you missed the last event, or want to reminisce here is the media footage.

When and Where

It will be on the 29th March (Saturday) at 17:00 server time in Berezino on the event server.

How to sign up

You don't have to! Just join the server and get to the starting line before 17:00!


1st place: Keep your gear through the Sunday wipe, 20€ donation credits

2nd place: 15€ donation credits

3rd place: 10€ donation credits

The Route


The route has been changed, as half of it was a boring coastal highway with no challenge at all. Here is the new route:


Sneak peek pictures !





Ed Holmes - B-17 - Creator

Mick Thompson - OS - V.I.P

Fidor Anderson - V.I.P

Thomas Jones - B-17 V.I.P

Ray 'Lark' Dzar - B-17 V.I.P

Ben Thomas/Hector Moore - CTC/BHM - V.I.P


Jack Crovic - None

Cameron White - Hope

Mark Hunter - Hope

See you there and may the best win!

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  • Emerald


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  • El Presidente

Next weekend? Is kakan done with the map?

No, it is to be done in January !

Meh... Do it next week! :D

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Guest ArcticStarling

I'd imagine it would be like the previous one




So here is mine

Name: Niklas Levkov

Clan: The Watchers

Role: Contestant

Not open yet

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  • Emerald

Name: Dr Matt Brown

Clan: Freemedics

Role: Contestant

Reserved :P

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  • Emerald

Name: Victor Garin

Clan: Volki

Role: Contestant

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