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Arma 3

Guest FlutterShy

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Guest FlutterShy

Hello all! I would gladly appreciate you telling me how Arma 3 is. If I get enough good comments I might save my money to buy this wonderful game. Though if I get too much negative comments... I will think twice before buying.

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Its ok I guess... Personally I prefer ArmA 2 OA but ArmA 3 is also nice..

Lots of cool mods like King of The Hill and Altis Life and other nice mods.

However if you already own ArmA 2 and you enjoy it I would suggest no to purchase ArmA 3.

Anyway I hope I helped, Best of luck!!!

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  • Sapphire

It's utterly boring, the maps are awful, the entire feel is 0/10. I prefer ArmA 2.

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  • El Presidente

Much better than ArmA2 IMO, better graphics especially lightning and shadows, stances and animations, inventory system. The Stratos and Altis are really good as expected of Bohemia, with all building enterable. I dislike the available weapons and vehicles, I preferred the real world rifles and vehicles. Still, I strongly recommend getting it.

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  • Emerald

Other then the overall better graphics, and other visual details, the game performs pretty poorly for not so good computers.

It has its fun little game modes that Arma 2 does not have, but gets extremely boring and repetitive after a short time. Im sure there will be more mods soon! I would buy it when it is on sale or if everything is fixed :)

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