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Donation problem


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  • Emerald

You can donate through paypal from what I understand.

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  • Emerald

I wish to donate to DayZRP, but the method of payment( like visa and mastercard) isn't available in the Netherlands (or atleast for me)

is there any other way to donate, or am i screwed for the moment?


If you add your credit card to your Paypal account, Paypal will take the money from the card if there's no money on your Paypal account.

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  • Emerald

I myself have a Paypal linked to a dutch bank account from which it takes money so it is possible to link them.

Incoming sentence with dutch in it.

Log in with your profile then under: mijn rekening, you can click Profiel, then the tab rekeninggegevens. then it says bankrekeningen and after that bankrekening toevoegen. follow the instructions and it links your bankacount to your paypal account.

that way you can still transfer money via paypal without a creditcard

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It seems the question has been answered. I'll mark this as solved but will not close it in case you have another question or this doesn't work, Arikovebau.

A okay, i appreciate everyone's help. ^^

Luckily my parents wanted to get a visa card soon for in case for certain circumstances. so when they do have it, i can ask them to help me with it and donate to dayzrp (and pay them ofcourse back the amount)

but still, thanks for helping ^^

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