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R-36 Report Log Transmissions

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OOC NOTE: These entries are encoded transmissions sent by current primary character, Reverend Kaine. They are status reports and personal logs sent back to his superiors in the Cult of Typhon in Stalingrad. Knowledge gained by this is not to be used IC. Thanks and enjoy the reading!

Date: December 12th, Age of Shadow +2 years

Sender: R-36

Location: Lake Prud, Chernarus

Transmitted Log:

It has been 5 days since my arrival into the area. Locals seem to be largely ignorant of our Matron's works, and of the Church as a whole. The more friendly individuals I have met are interested in the truths, as anyone would be when in need of "story telling." These lands are ripe for recruitment into the Church, but creating a flock will require time. The area of Chernarus is mainly lorded over by multiple small forces all fighting for control. Most are remnants of even larger military forces, and fill the roles of either bandit or protector. There are murmurs of smaller groups, such as the Free Medics and the Outpost Rangers, that remain outside the area politics and offer aid to those in need. If we are to establish ourselves in the region, this might be the best approach for the time being. Act as impartial protectors of the people, and recruit those who feel the need to return our kindness. I will scout out a few locations across the region, and see where to best serve the populace. However, major settlements, as they are in the Stalingrad area, attract conflict, so it may be ideal to avoid the 2 major settlements, Altar Castle and The Desal Plant. Smaller camps such as Lake Prud are more suitable. Typhon's Teachings Guide Me.

-Transmission End-

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