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The Outbreak

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I am Private Second Class Samuel S. Shipman of the 10th Mountain Division, First Platoon Delta 1-1-h. We had lost all of second platoon and large amount of first in last weeks raid on Chak Chak. But we had already been tasked with what Sgt. Therriault was calling "Operation

Leitung". We were split up in teams of two and expected to destroy enemy supply depots. Luckily before the operation we had been given head cams to attach to our helmets so I could document it. As expected it didnt go well. I had been teamed up with a new recruit who had never seen combat and I doubt he even operated the radio properly. We flew in on a venom call-signed "ugly 1-1". We landed at the preset LZ and created our plan from there. We entered the town from the North East I think. It was going well we had taken out most of the local militia when we got pinned down in a building on the east of north side of town. I got hit once but took the guy out before he got anymore hits on me. Then more shots came from the right. I was hit, and I guess knocked out in that building. The building that I expected to act as my grave...

//Sorry for the video that is about to be shown. I couldnt get any of first platoon to brake off from training to help me so I had to get some guys from a public sever and I kinda forgot to tell them they were doing this. The next videos will be much better I expect.


ENTRY #2 - Unknown Lands

I woke up today in some strange building after being wounded in Takistan. But the strange thing is I didnt wake up in Takistan. I woke up in a jungle environment very similar to that of Asian countries. I spent a few hours walking on the road searching for a radio tower. I finally found one near the coast line and climbed to the top to use a radio. I heard a very disturbing radio transmission that sounded like a US black hawk going down. I didnt listen to the entire broadcast because I had no idea when it was going to end. I spent a few more hours searching the surrounding area for ANY kind of help. From civilians or military alike. I came to the conclusion after nearly two days of walking I was going to find no help. I remembered a map of the surrounding countries and decided I would head north towards Russia. Then east to Namalsk where I know the US has a military base set up. Then I found the first real form of life I had seem in the past few days. A lone man walking down the road. I began to approach him then he rushed at me. I asked him to step back but he kept coming till he was within clawing range. He began to claw at my arms and cut me open. I couldnt stop him and in the end I had to shoot him. Upon examining his body I noticed he has bloodshot eyes and a very pale but bloody face. I think there may be an epidemic going on in this country. I will update when I get to Russia or find something worth noting.


ENTRY #3 - Infection

I forgot all about my headcam during my trip in Russia. So sadly no video footage today. But I finally made my way to the border of Takistan and Russia. The checkpoint was to my astonishment unmanned. I walked till I found some kind of air base. I made my way towards the base expecting to find some kind of military that would be able to aid me in making contact with the United States. It too was also unmanned but not the same way as the check point. There were dead soldiers all throughout the runway. They were so pale and covered in blood just like the man in Takistan. I knew this was not a coincidence. Something was going on, then I saw him. A Russian soldier but he was not like a regular soldier. He looked like the rest of them. But he was crouching and looked like he was digging something up. I moved closer to get a better look but he was not digging something up. He was digging into something, a soldiers stomache to be specific. He was eating the inside of that man just like a five year old would play with their food. Two things happened then. First of all I got sick, I spent about ten minutes vomiting up all my food. Then I remembered back to fifth grade. A book I had read about zombies, that was what I had been witnessing zombies. After I had regained my posture I started to back track away from the airfield and move to the east. This was the first time I had seen signs of life that were not "zombified". It was a tan UAZ driving down the road. I ran into the middle of the road trying to get the drivers attention. The brakes made a terrifyingly loud screech as it skid to a stop. A ran up to it and opened the door. A fair skinned man looked at me with an interesting face. "Get in the car before those flesh eaters catch up, I just stirred up a whole lot of 'em in the town back there". I jumped on the chance for possible salvation and got in the car. We drove east for a good two hours talking the entire time. His name was John Harrison and he had been visiting multiple locations in Russia when this, what he liked to call "Zombie Outbreak" occured. I asked him to get me to the eastern coast at a boat dock. He told me it would take a few days but he would be willing to drive me there. We stopped every now and then to loot and eat and sleep. Then we made it to this huge city, luckily there was a boat dock there. And a nice little fishing boat. I thanked John and climbed onto the boat starting up the boat engine. I continued to head to the east till I saw the island of Namalsk. I landed the boat and dismounted it to head into the island to find one of the army bases that were on the island.

// Sorry that there was no video for this. There is no DayZ russian map. Also sorry for how shitty the story was at the end I got really tired and lazy. I will most likely fix it later on.

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  • Emerald

Sounds like a great time for both the viewers, and the players. I hope you do this sound like a lot of fun! I want to watch it now!

As of right now I plan on doing it. But it wont be till atleast the 26th of December.

Im sure it will be worth the wait. Good luck!

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  • Sapphire

Sounds awesome :D id love to see the reactions of random people who come across you and your all hardcore roleplaying and they're just like uh hi..?

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It sounds great. I've always wanted to do something similar but never had the hardware, and my was just going to be a civs journey.

Don't think this map is official, but I tend to refer to it. Apart from running out of fuel, it would interesting to know if there were going to be other reasons for going to Namalsk, as it seems quite a detour :P


Edit: For those with poor eyes, Namlsk is the island in the top right corner ;)

You can travel to Namalsk through Russia without going to Chernarus, as long as the backstory is well justified for you going to these places I don't see it too hard to believe.

Good luck and hope to be watching it soon! :)

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  • Sapphire

Good idea!

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Good idea, are you planning on going to Taviana

I had originally at some point. But for the sake of RP im going to be using the map that was posted as kind of a guide to where I should go. Its going to take work and something thinking. But im sure I can find some way to make it work.

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Guest ArcticStarling

Good idea, are you planning on going to Taviana

I had originally at some point. But for the sake of RP im going to be using the map that was posted as kind of a guide to where I should go. Its going to take work and something

thinking. But im sure I can find some way to make it work.

Good luck on whatever you choose,I will be watching on YouTube definitely

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  • Sapphire

That's cool man, good job!

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