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Ban Appeal - Jake Veach / Jacobv92

Guest jacobtheman1

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Guest jacobtheman1

Link to Report: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-rp1-rdm-7-40-kamyshovo?highlight=jake+veach

Link to report: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-bad-rp-altar-castle-s2?highlight=jake+veach

Why the verdict is unfair: My reasoning behind the permaban being unfair is simply because in the second report i didnt do anything wrong i just stood there while the other member ( who already is punished ) did the talking and the hitting i was just present.

Also quote from the gm who posted the verdict "You claim there was a vehicle nearby with morphine in but how is the victim supposed to know this? The hospital you claim that was down the street was one kilometre down a zombie infested street and in the middle of Elektro (An incredibly hard city to crawl into safely). I dont know where he got that we were anywhere near elktro which we werent and we told him thier was morphine in the car. He must have got the elektro part mixed up because the case wasnt even close to their.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I am not here to rage about the forum conclusions that the admins have brought im just here to simply ask that i get put back at my original points before the second report had happened. The reason i think i deserve a second chance is simple, i have read as many sexual,Bad rp, Kos, and RDM posts as possible and my first bad rp incident is no where near as bad as some of the other bad rp posts i have read. I could link as many as possible but that would be working backwards, my first incident is BAD RP im not trying to say it isnt but i think that the points given on it were a little steep. I would honestly love to come back and play the server i have many friends who can tell you after the original BAD RP forum that i havent done anything wrong close to that, the second post i feel like i was just there and had little if not any involvement in.

To conclude i would like to see if you guys could help me out admins i am very sorry for how things have worked out but i am much beyond these forum posts. I am a mature 23 year old married male, that enjoys these games and takes them seriously, other than that mishap in the first ban, i have acted right and followed the rules to a tee. I just see these other extrememly sexual posts and people dont get anywhere near the punishment i got for saying i farted? Yes it is childish but i believe and this can be different to you admins, that the bad rp incident wasnt as bad as some of these other bad rp posts.

Im not asking for a clean slate, and im not asking for alot of sympathy i am simply asking for my perma ban to be gone and put me back at the 98% to ban level to had me originally at. i would love to come back and spread the word on fb and twitter about how this server needs more people. I love the way you guys run things here, and im glad to see how serious you all are about gaming. Im just asking for 1 more chance please. Like they always say in baseball 3 strikes your out just give me a chance for 1 more strike. i wont let you guys down please please please just let me have one last chance.

What could you have done better: I could have left the second situation and walked away, and never have done the childish thing i did in the first situation. I also could have more respect for everyone else playing the game and realize that we ( the gamers ) take this seriously and want to enjoy it.

Again im sorry guys, i cant explain it anymore in words i just wanna come back and fix what i have done.


Jake Veach

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  • MVP

An appeal is only made on a per-incident basis, so I'm a bit confused as to why it took you over a month to appeal the verdict for this report? It seems that you are only appealing that outcome because a separate incident has left you permanently banned. Despite the fact that these should be separate appeals, we will be handling them together in this thread for simplicity.

If this ban is the one being contested, we feel this was a very open and shut case of RDM, so any appeal of that ban is denied.

In addition, you say that you were "just present, and didn't do anything wrong". In the report, you said you two were slavers, and were taking the man as a slave. How is it that you were not involved? You were clearly with the other man, roleplaying as a group. Just because he swung the axe, doesn't mean you are not complicit.

As far as the ban for this report, you're continued 'roleplay' landed you a ban that was very nearly permanent, in fact it took a long discussion amongst staff to reach the compromise of 29 points. We feel that behavior like that was very nearly worth a permanent ban. The appeal for that case will also be denied.

All in all, we simply don't think that you're history of behavior shows us that you are mature enough to be here, or understand the rules of our servers.

Both verdicts will stand, and this appeal is denied.

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