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(CLOSE)Bloody - NLR - 3 days


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Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-unresolved-formal-rp1-nlr-above-neaf-3-12-2013-0530-till-0630

Why the verdict is not fair : I don't think the verdict is fair because I did not intentionally break the NLR. I was told by the 2 people in the plane on TS that the plane had crashed due to a glitch and I could return to my body. Also, to OP of this report intentionally broke the meta-gaming rule by switching characters to rob the survivor of the crash. He got a lesser time ban than I did. I feel like that is rewarding the real rule-breaker. If I had been told that the plane crashed because the pilots computer froze I would have not gone back to my death site. Even Furlon said the same thing as me, that the pilot said the plane glitched and crashed.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : This is my first report against me and I help others in the forum community.I am a rule abiding player and this will not happen again.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I have served half of my sentence without complaint. I would like for the ban to be dropped as I have be compliant and been banned for a day and a half. I feel that this is fair, seeing as the OP's ban was only 2 days and he intentionally broke the rules. I would like my 3 day ban to be half and only be a 1 1/2 day ban. The warning points can stay. I would like to play by tonight.

What could you have done better? I could have not returned to my death site and listen to other players when they give me bad information, because they may not be as informed of the rules as they should be.

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I think you're saying two different things here. You first say the pilots computer crashed, and then you say the plane bugged?

What did really happen?

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I'm not sure if you read the original report, but after the plane crashed the pilot told us that the game had glitched causing the plane to crash. But in the report he changed his story that his game had froze causing the plane to crash. I think he was just trying to save face after the crash and didn't want to be blamed for causing our deaths. I hope this answered your question.

Recap of entire situation: Freddy, Furlon and I met a guy (Barry) on the airfield refueling his plane. We asked for a ride, he said yes. Freddy decided he wanted to fly. I was sitting in the back of the plane in 1st person view, because I had not been in a plane before and liked the look of the porthole windows. We took off from the ground and everything seemed fine. But then I hear Freddy yelling "we're going to crash!" So I try and eject but desync caused me to eject right when we hit the ground. Freddy, Furlon and I had been on TS this whole time. After the crash we all died except Barry. On TS Freddy said the game had glitched causing the plane to crash. Furlon said if we died from a glitch then we can go back to our bodies. So we went back to our bodies. At no point during our conversation did Freddy say his game froze. He kept saying the game had glitched. He was robbed a short time later and we lost radio contact with him. Apparently someone saw the plane crash and went to investigate after switching to his bandit character and saw Furlon back at his body so he made this report. My name didn't even come up until the very end of the report cause the OP never saw me return to my body.

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