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All praise him


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  • Emerald

I was alive for about 6 days before the latest wipe. It can be done if you actually value your character's life.

And if you can find the time and inspiration to play.

Also keeping away from the deathmatch that is settlements helps.

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  • Sapphire

hurumph. I smell nice to glitches apparently, especially ones that involve zombies and the devouring of my flesh.

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  • Emerald

I have noticed that one of the most dangerous things is getting into any vehicle other than a boat or a bicycle. Even refueling a boat is a very dangerous act and should not be attempted without paramedics at standby.

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If he is very active and plays at the server least busiest time, that gives him a good chance at getting a nice time. And if you factor in the option the possibility of avoiding player interaction, then its a long boring journey.

On a side note, how is refuelling a boat dangerous? Swim up to the side of boat, select refuel, rinse & repeat.

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