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To whom is may concern

Guest jamiefishcake

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Guest jamiefishcake

i was just outside diesel with 2 of my friends and a ghost person i took the betty van from diesel and the ghost guy said:

"I swear to god, stop the vehicle"

"You know you stole the van, Ghost had it last night"


"Stop the vehicle or else I'll shoot you"

So then i got out of the van and shot him i have a feeling he will report me though can he report me? but he clearly said "or else ill shoot you"

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You did the right thing.

But next time(think applies to everyone who is in your position) when you feel you did something wrong, go directly to TS help desk and talk with a staff member.

It's much easier and faster to get a response and/or just wait until a report comes up and explain throughly your PoV.

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Moving to Questions

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I think the OP got his answer,

can this be put as solved?

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