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Anyone know Jason 'jase' Cooper?

Guest Jason Calveri

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  • Sapphire

I'm trying to find this guys DayZRP account but I can't. I just would like to talk to him about running me over with his car.

Did it hurt?

Get well soon

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  • Emerald


Wha tha.....hahaahhaahhaha

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  • Legend

Actually I think he is serious about this. I hope he will read this. If not, there is always the option to create a report-discussion, maybe he will see this and will come forward. Or try to find him in Ts. The most people use their ingame-name in Ts.

Good luck


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I found him and he wasn't the one who ran me over. It was his friend, and it turned out to not be the first time running someone over today.

That sucks.

If it was a rusty sedan, I might know who it was... but I'm kinda shocked about this.

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  • Emerald

Well, I hope noone was running on foot down roads, or they werent swerving all over the place.

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