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Honda Musashi - The Way of the Warrior [Updated 10/02/14]


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Feedback is welcome as always.

Name: Hotaka Naoki "Honda" Musashi (穂高 直樹 武蔵)

Age: 31.

Birth location: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

Height: 175cm.

Weight: 77kg.

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Brown.

Pre-Outbreak Profession: Teacher, IKT.

Demeanor in Three Words: Naive, sneaky, calm.

Early life

Hotaka Naoki (called Honda for short) was born in Sapporo in 1982 as the first of two twin brothers. The other twin brother was born less than one minute after Honda. His twin brother Daisaku would end up playing a big role in Honda's life when they finally grew up.

During their first years Honda and Daisaku were good friends, but after a incident at school where they engaged in a fight they never talked to each other again. This was devastating for their mother, seeing her twin sons ignoring each other all the time. Honda kept his distance to his own family as soon as he hit 13 and refused to engage in social interactions such as birthdays and other family oriented happenings.

At age 16 Honda decided to move to Tokyo to study further and decided to become a IT techinician. This was not very much welcomed by his father since he wanted him to join the army. Honda lost all contact with his father and his family after this, since they did not want anything to do with him anymore.

When Honda finally finished his IT degree, he rethought his ways and continued his studies to become an IT teacher. He finished these studies at age 24. Honda worked for the School at Tokyo University of Technology untill he hit 29 years of age.

After he left the school, he disappeared and nobody knew what he was doing anymore. This was approximately one year before the infection hit the world. Honda travelled alot in this period, and used up all of his savings on travels.

2 months before the infection hit in 2012 Honda regained contact with his twin brother Daisaku again, and found out what he had been doing for the last 14 years. Daisaku joined the Imperial Dragōns in 2002, he first went to university to study Japanese history and joined the Japaenese defense force for a while. It was not the path he wanted to go so he left and decided to join the Imperial Dragōns.

Upon contacting Daisaku, he found out that he had become the Shōgun (General) of the Imperial Dragōns and he was intrigued by this thought. They kept contact for a long time and discussed that Honda could join up with the Doragonzu.

When the infection hit, Honda again lost contact with his brother and he did not meet him until over one year later. From July 2012 to October 2013 Honda had survived on simple food and being lonely in the mountains of Hokkaido, Japan. He had encountered several of the infected on his way, and he had been teached by an old Samurai to follow Bushidō (The Way of the Warrior).

In September 2013 he found traces after his brother Daisaku, he had left for Chernarus, South Zagoria. Honda soon decided to follow his brother and in October he went to Chernarus to seek out his brother. He eventually found him and he learned all about the Imperial Dragōns and their ways. He figured that this would fit him very well after the training he had gotten from the old Samurai back in Hokkaido.

The Imperial Dragōns were ordered to leave Chernarus in October to return back in Hokkaido, and Honda followed along.

Imperial Dragōns

During their time in Japan, Honda joined the ranks of the Imperial Dragōns and were awarded with the rank of Bushō after weeks of intense training and many dangerous events.

In December the Imperial Dragōns were ordered back to Chernarus to seek a cure. This was only the beginning of a very long journey for Honda and his fellow Doragonzu...

To be continued...

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Thanks everybody. I aim on actually having some sort of frequent updates on this one. They might be short but descriptive though.

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Good read man! :)

Thanks :)

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Similar to my layout for 'Oz'!

I like it! :) Hope to see more, I love writing roleplay, and backstories are a personal favourite. :)

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*during the last couple months, Honda had been taken captive by unknown men calling themselves "The Council" in Chernarus. He finally managed to escape, he was up in Berezino when this all happened.

Honda did not have a radio, nor did he know where the other Doragonzu were stationed at the moment. He was cut off, alone and abandoned.

He grabbed the picture he had of the Emperor in his inner pocket and started crying. He was to seek the Doragonzu once again, and he wanted to reunite with them.

He did not know about the Kotei Shima, but he would soon find out about this.*

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