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Hi :) I'm Flynn

Guest Flynn

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Hi Guys and Gals!

My name is Flynn, I'm 16 turning 17 on March 22nd. I've been thinking about joining DayzRP for awhile now, so I have. Currently waiting for applications to open for non donors.

I'm not sure if I should right anything about my character in this post, so please tell me if I have to remove it.

Plot so far

Name: Flynn Emmett

Nationality: Irish with a faint Australian accent

Flynn Emmett is an Irish man, born and raised in Australia, his parents changed his name from Joshua (very popular name in Australia) to Flynn when he was 9 months old as he was already climbing out of his cratle, aged two he started to climb trees. Aged 5 he began a program because of his hyper extension, meaning he is moving faster then his muscles. He did this program for 6 years. By 18 Flynn was a very fast thinking man. Flynn worked at the local shopping centre in Perth AUS, for four years. After earning some money, he moved to Cherrnarus, and started to rent a flat. 5 weeks later, Flynn realised that his current job - a mechanic - wasn't earning him much money since he's not from Cherrnarus. He went to a pub and got drunk, after his 4th vodka shot, a shady man sat next to Flynn. He said "Oi boy, do you need some work?" In Russian accent, "What kind of work?" Flynn replied. The man took Flynn around the back of the pub. The mysterious man drew a Desert Eagle from inside his jacket and said "If you fucking tell the cops about what I have proposed to you, I will blow your fucking head up!" "Alright, now I have some friends who need some weaponry. I need you to get or even steal the guns, while I try to sweaten the deal to get more money" "What do I get out of this?" said Flynn, worryingly looking at the desert eagle in the mans right hand. "50%" said the man. Under the influence of the vodka, Flynn said "Yeah...uh ok.." The man said "Meet me at Elektrozach pub" (sorry for spelling) "Also here is 6k in advance, buy a car and a pistol" So then the man left, leaving Flynn scared as fuck, he was drunk, now gun dealing and problay going to die.

Flynn did what the man said, he brought a gun, a AK-74 and. a drivers license along with a crappy old van. He head to Elektrozach just like the man instructed him to. Behind the pub at Elektrozach, the man was there, "Uh" said Flynn, the man gave Flynn a map with some intructions to rob a dock full of USA Army gear. Flynn left with the map, going into the pub, he hired some mercenaries, together they attacked the shipment, killing everyone, Flynn almost killed himself, he coludnt live with it, but after collecting the guns - everyone who died - were walking. *drematic music*

So that's a introduction to me, by the way, I am part Irish and I live in Australia.

Please tell me If I need to work on the length or the way I write.

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I like the story :) Hopefully whitelisting will be open soon!

:o somebody actually likes my story :o I thought I rushed it to much

Updated - finished the story

Hey Flynn !

Goodluck with your whitelist. If you don't wish to wait, feel free to donate ;)

I'm a cheapskate sorta guy, no donating from me (unless this Christmas I get some spare money :)

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