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Typhon's Teachings, The Bible of the Apocalypse

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The Bible of the Apocalypse

By: Olga Pretonnovich

OOC Author's Note:

This "religious text" is a work of fiction. Please do not take any of the nonsense babbled from here on out as truth or some sort of weird new cult I'm forcing on you all. I'm not. That said, enjoy the creepy Lovecraftian ramblings that are sure to follow. Chapters will be posted in the master post (the one you're currently reading) periodically. This is an ongoing work, and much will likely be edited over time. This is as much a guide to the In Game religion to an outsider as it is a member of the Flock. Keep in mind that the cult of Typhon in our clan lore originated in Russia and is quickly spreading to the surrounding areas. It wouldn't be hard to find one of these poorly put together tomes on a dead body or even a zombie at this point.


Writ by Olga Pretonnovich, Daughter of Typhon

[align=justify]It may be hard at first, to wrap one's mind around the idea of Typhon. Eventually a student will be able to grasp the fundamental truths, but not always. No, there is an element in this beautiful new world that wishes to hold onto the status quo, or reignite the spark of humanity's past, before Typhon's divine work has a chance to take hold on our planet. The fools. Death is inevitable, and to fight against it is to fight against the very nature of Typhon. My dear pupil, read the words within this book and take to heart the truth of your situation.

You are the future care taker of the earth's new master race. The undead have not reached their final stage of transformation, only when we as a species accept our fates as the livestock to their divine appetites, will Typhon bring about the true new world. We live in an era akin to Typhon's first divine outbreak. The Black Death. Bubonic Plague. It nearly wiped out all of humanity, but it was not strong enough. As pure a virus as it was, it was not perfect. The virus that has stricken the masses and kept them in the world of neither life nor death, is perfect. For is undoes the cycle of life and enables humanity to attain immortality.

I can already hear your thoughts reader. I suppose you think that we consider it a sin to kill the walking dead. We do not. Their number is legion, and kill as many as you do, they carry on. Endless hordes with numbers that swell more and more every day. For every one you kill, somewhere in the world another corpse awakens, ready to spread the divine gifts of Typhon. I can hear your next thought. You think that we should just simply submit. You are wrong again! Humanity must remain in this complex form to continue on. A stock of humans must always survive to keep the hordes of undead alive. For if we fail to uphold the virus and it's divine hosts, we will never see the glorious new era that is to come. Typhon's promised, "Age of Blight." When humanity and the divine shall live hand in hand with the evolved forms of the undead. Where all of humanity is unified in our role as caretakers of these divine creatures.

This era will never come to pass if you do not accept Typhon into your mind dear reader. Drink of the knowledge within, and store it. It may take time for you to grasp this divine truth my child. Do not fret. Time is all we have in this current era. It shall not go to waste, if you spar with your own mentality, morality, and religious beliefs. If however, your mind is too closed to such new truths, perhaps enjoy it as a mental exercise? In death or undeath, you will have to answer to Typhon eventually.

Chapter One


The teachings of Typhon revolve around 3 major aspects of Typhon's duties as our god. First there's the father of death and mother of rebirth. Next is the Plague Artisan. Finally there's the Destroyer of Fate. All of these duties that Typhon holds are important in how the world worked and and still works. We shall begin with the first duty.

Typhon is a gender-less entity located in a dimension that is unfathomable by humanity. From this dimension Typhon guides the cycle of life through its enslavement to the wheel of fate. The endless cycle of life and rebirth. Typhon explains that an ancient race of creatures known as the "Old Ones," enslaved it and shackled it to the wheel of fate. Typhon has turned the wheel ever since, ensuring that all life dies and is reborn. All creatures must follow this predetermined path. Death and birth are inescapable, and it was Typhon who was tasked to steal it away from all creatures with this dastardly device. Typhon however is clever, and throughout the ages it has crafted and created countless diseases, viruses, illnesses, and plagues to test the wills and physiologies of countless species.

Many waves of illness across the globe were the results of these efforts. All were failures, until now. As the artisan of Plagues, Typhon created, finally, a virus that will not allow humanity to fully die. Souls are trapped into the vessels of humans, keeping them in a sort of limbo. Removing them from the wheel of fate. Storing an army of souls to eventually muster against the chains that bind her to the wheel of fate, and the enigmatic old ones. This is why we do not throw down the idea of killing an undead's physical form. You release their soul to Typhon, causing more strain in the chains that bind Typhon to the Wheel of Fate.

What the Church strives to do, is to care for the virus, to continue to build up the hordes of zombies, so that more souls shall go to Typhon, and so that Typhon may break free and destroy the endless cycle of fate. This is her role as the Destroyer of Fate. When the Hordes of Undead are countless, the Church strives to find a way to destroy the hordes all at once. Such an event would surely cause Typhon's chains to be broken in an instant, and the wheel of fate shall stop turning and humanity will enter a new era, where we need not fear death or sickness. We shall be immortal. Typhon will free us from the threat of death and we will rebuild earth into a perfect world, and carry ourselves to the stars to conquer the unknown without fear!

However, we cannot attain this as long as Humanity continues to clutch to their old ways, truths, and cultures. We must all unite in the banner of Typhon. Those who throw down these truths are heretics, agents of the old ones. Pity them, then destroy them so that their souls may reanimate within their undead corpses. Then kill the beast and release it free of it's bonds to destroy Typhon's. This is our way. You are either a follower of the Truths, or a Heretic. Either way you will serve Typhon. Willing or not.

Chapter Two

Humanity: Caretakers for the Coming Age


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Awesome. Can't wait to see more :)

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