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Bad Appeals James Carlton

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Link to report :


Why the verdict is not fair :

I was just under orders and didn't know it was wrong.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) :

I was just following what I was told to do during the whole raid on deasel. Mihail Drovka was interrogating the guy and when he was done he brought him to the gate. He then called for several people to come out and shoot at this man as he ran from deasel. Yes he said ooc that we couldn't do this but I have been in several situations that have had people say that and they where wrong. Mihail Drovka said in game that he doesn't care and that he felt that this was an ok way to kill him. I had no knowledge of what took place a NE air field or the interrogation as I was on the roof the whole time on over watch. If i would have know better I would have never shoot at him but as I said i was just following what I was told to do. One thing that was odd to me when it happened after he died Upshot and Mihail Drovka both said we shouldn't have hit him. I was never told this before in radio and had no idea. If Mihail Drovka did know this I feel he should have said it at the start and not after we killed him. If I would have know he didn't want to kill him i would have do just what Upshot did and shoot the sky. Im am deeply sorry for him dying and I wish I could have changed it.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal :

Removing the 3 days & 1 banstrike or lighten it

What could you have done better?

I should have ask if it was alright to shoot him in the first place before just going blindly up to the front and shooting him in the back. I should have had better knowledge about the rules and I thought I did but I guess there are a few things that I need to review. I will review the rule better to better understand the rules and what is exceptionable when going to kill someone.

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As I have mentioned in the other, related appeals. The situation was not acceptable. Your defense is that you were following orders. We do not accept this as a reason. Before you pull the trigger you personally must be certain you are doing the correct thing.

As with the other appeals related to this:

Appeal Denied.

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