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Donations in U.S Currency


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Hello reader, I am wondering, since it says in the donation area to donate 5 euros, at current exchange rates, that is 6.89$.So thus, should i donate 6.89$ or is there a different amount to donate for a minimum in U.S dollars on this server? Please help, though this is probably a stupid question.

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Hey man, it does it automatically for you, don't worry!

If you wish to donate 5 EU then select that amount, and when everything is all done and settled on paypal, it will tell you how much you WILL be paying via US currency, and it will come out on the forums that you payed 5 EU, with of coarse, 5 credits to buy a nice skin. :)

Hope this helped.

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Ahh, okay. sorry, I have never really used paypal so this will be a learning experience, thanks.

Wow, i just realized how fast you guys responded, thanks! also since this is minor enough to not warrant a thread, how can i add a signature to my forum posts? like how do i add one to my profile?

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  • Emerald

No problem man, good luck on the whitelist!

Oh, and the rules, I hate to be 'THAT' guy, but don't be afraid to read them thoroughly.

Informing people to not KOS me? No please be 'THAT' guy! :D

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