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SnakeEyes-Rob - RDM - 3 day ban - 10 strike points

Guest SnakeEyes-Rob

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Guest SnakeEyes-Rob

Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-s1-berenzino-bad-initiation-attempted-rdm-possible-rdm-02-30-12-9-2013?page=2

Why the verdict is not fair : I was banned for RDM, which I do not believe was right and I will try my hardest to explain why.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : Alright I am just going to try to explain the reasons why the ban verdict is incorrect in my opinion. The first accusation was that all I used to rob them was an mp5. Sin, no hard feelings or offense, but it clearly says in the logs that I used a vil_9a91...That is like a 2-3 shot kill to a human most of the time. I am not sure how that was missed but that is alright. Second accusation (although this doesn't really apply) is that there were to many zombies to rob them. When I had exited the vehicle, the zombies weren't even hitting me and if I wanted to I could have killed each one with only one shot with my vil_9a91. Next accusation---the thing about the roadblock, this is alright,because you said I didn't HAVE to have it and the car wasn't moving while I was initiating. Next accusation: I was only able to say "stay in the car." This is correct, but that isn't my fault because they drove away while I was initiating. (which was not complying but I will get to that later). Next accusation: I allowed for zero lag time...Every single day I play on the dayzrp server and I am always recording because of the server lag. I do it so that when things like this happen I can't be accused not doing something when I really did but they just didn't see it because of server lag. How am I just supposed to let them drive away so that the server lag can catch up with them. I cant help them and that just isn't my fault. When I am playing DayZRP, I cant worry about the latency between me and the server and the server and them. That would just get rid of the RP aspect of the game. Having to think every time I want to rob some in a deep RP situation, Hmmm how will the server lag affect what I am doing. Next accusation: I didn't give the driver any time to process my commands. That is incorrect, I wasn't able to give him the amount of time that I would have liked, but I did give him to when he was initially driving away through the zombies realize what I had said and stop the car. He didn't stop the car but he continued to drive. Next accusation: they could have literally stayed in the car until you were chewed to bits, or hopped out and killed you while you were dealing with zombies....This is so completely true. They honestly could have done this. And if they did, I would have had no chance with this appeal or winning the report because they would have been complying with my instructions..BUT, that is not what they did. They drove away which was straight up failure to comply. The literally could have just waited in the car until I was eaten to death by zombies, but they didn't. They just drove away. That was just a blatant failure to comply. That is all I have... Thank you for your time

(If I am sounding hostile in any part of this report, I don't mean it. I just get a little bit upset when I am accused of doing things like trying to rob 3 people in a car with an mp5 (which is a 10-15 shot kill) when what I really used was a 9a-91 which kills a player in 2 hits. Sorry if I sounds hostile in any part of this report.) I would also like to make something really clear. My true intentions of this robbery was to just get the vehicle. We had a trade commencing at NW airfield required, and I was asked by my group to get it. I didn't just want to kill them. Would it have made any sense for me to have killed one guy and break one tire on the car when I need the car working to get it to NW airfield? No not at all. Hopefully you see that this wasn't me just wanted to shoot them, but me seeing them not comply and have no other choice. Also, if you wanted to see the robbery from my perspcetive, the video is posted about halfway down the second page.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal :

I would like to have the ban removed or at the least lightened, because my true intentions were not to RDM anyone, but to just steal a car.

What could you have done better?

There are a lot of things that I had learned from this, that will improve my further role play. First, next time I will have a roadblock set up so that it wont be so easy to drive away. Also, next time, I will make sure to have more people to help me. And lastly, I will take lag into thought because I usually don't even think about lag most of the time.

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First I would like to adress the format of this appeal, the use of colour and underlining makes it significantly harder for me to read and understand your point of view. I had to take three times as long to read this then was necessary. Please refrain from this in the future.

Finally, the details that Sin allegedly got wrong are inconsequential. Those points would go towards a charge of Bad RP which you were never charged with. The fact is you did not follow the rules, your initiation was not valid and the robbery was obviously rushed to not properly thought through, you can here pings from the car as you are shooting it immediately after you sent through your order. Finally you did not even say stop the vehicle, you said don't get out of the vehicle. Technically they did what you asked although I will concede this is a technicality as is not the reason for this verdict.

In the future we expect you to initiate properly.

Appeal Denied.

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