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Awakening, to something new

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Sunny was in his apartment, his girlfriend was in the kitchen making him dinner for what seemed to be a special night. He got up from the couch to see what his wife was cooking. She smiled at him, there was a sparkle in her eye as she said, "I've something your going to love."

She exclaimed as she removed the lid off of the steamer. His mood changed as he sees the head of his mother floating in boiling stew. His wife then said "Today is a special day for you Sunny." As her torso slid off of her legs and fell to the floor. Sunny then heard a vase breaking and the bloody screams of the undead came closer and closer until a group of zeds swarmed him...

He closed his eyes and then heard someone say "Wake up Sunny, its time for your adventure to begin." He opened his eyes. He had finally awaken after what seemed to be a long time. He found himself against a tree in a huge forest. There was a lit fire next to him, it was 11:00 pm at night. He then found a note in his pocket saying, You're Welcome, with the letter C signed at the bottom. He didn't know who it was but, he was grateful to whoever it was.

He knew he couldn't stay there, so he started walking. He didn't know were he was going but... he didn't care

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