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[Short Story] Winter Is Here


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Winter Is Here

By Mush

Shauna talks in this colour.

Helen talks in this colour.

Lee talks in this colour.

Max talks in this colour.

Dark, depressing and dismal clouds stretched over the coastline of Elektrozavodsk. The rain was coming, and so was the bitter air. They never estimated the sheer strength it would take to survive in these harsh environments, Chernarus' Winter would always be tough, but this time round, it felt like an Ice Age was upon them. October, it wasn't as harsh for the survivors. Able to get around easily, they'd go on frequent supply runs to Elektrozavodsk, or as they called it, 'Elektro'. The loot within Elektro seemed to be endless for the group, they'd never come back empty handed, they'd always acquire something, whether it be a pistol, a shotgun, food, medical supplies, everything. They thought they were stocked for the Winter months, and into Spring with the supplies they'd collected.

It was a stormy, early November night, at around 8:30 PM, Shauna, Helen, Lee and Max sat down to eat the catch of the day, 2 trout. Lee had cooked the trout to an 'al dente' state, it was firm when bitten, and that's how they liked it. They loved to have a nice meal around the fire, for a moment, they'd forget how much shit the world is in. They'd forget about the infected, about the bandits, the ever-changing waves of problems they had to deal with, for them, it felt like heaven, to be free for a short period of time. The night grew older, and it seemed calm - the moon was at full height and so was the spirit of the survivors. The fire was roaring, it began to rise pretty high taller than Max (and he was 6 foot and a bit). As they sat around the fire, they conversed about the day, and what's happened. The supply run they completed was extremely successful, from that they got roughly 10 tins of food, which in these days, were extremely valuable to them. They also discovered the location of a family of deer, that spend a lot of their time just north of the city.

Beachside (which is what the camp was called) was surprisingly quite, it was on the coast of Elektrozavodsk, which should make it very popular, but it wasn't. In fact, the only encounter they'd ever had, was with a fisherman, who was simply passing in his boat about 5 months after the infection started, said he'd been up near Rify (North of Berezino) on a fishing trip for a few days, the fisherman had only pulled in, shown them the catch, and then sailed off again.


You didn't see many survivors venturing down south anymore, it was considered dangerous, and it was in most cases, the infected were in greater numbers down south, because of the huge cities along the coast, this made it difficult for many people to get in quietly, successfully and alive. When survivors did reach the south, they'd be scarred, not only physically, but mentally too.

December hit, and it hit hard, snow came in from the North, and no-one was quite prepared for the storm. The blistering winds and the stormy sea played huge factors in human activity, not to mention the heavy snowfall. It was almost a cascade of snow at some points up north. No survivors dared to face the harsh weather for the chance of finding loot. For once, Chernarus feel silent, almost like it was a constant night, no sounds, other than the waves and the odd infected growling.

Shauna decided this was a perfect time to hit up more buildings in Elektrozavodsk.

"I'm going to go down to the Shore Cafe, collect the last of the supplies around the area, I should be ten minutes," Shauna looked towards Lee, "Look after Helen yeah? She isn't feeling too good, I'll be as quick as I can..." Shauna dispersed into the darkness, Lee looked until he couldn't see her, after beign drowned the darkness, Lee turned towards Max, "You scared too man?" "Yeah, glad to know I aint the only one..."

Shauna was stealthy, she moved with the night, not against it, moved with the wind, moved with the world. She didn't often mess up, and after a while, they all got used to the fact that she'd always come back, with full hands. She'd came to the restaurant - the glass was smashed, she admired the sign on the front of the building, "CC" in italics (CC stood for Coastal Cafe).

As Shauna opened the creaking door, she felt a chill run down her spine, she could feel it.

"Hello? Anyone about?" she stepped into the small cafe, and whispered. She scanned the room for movement, slowly tuning in onto every fine detail, the way the curtains swayed in the wind, the way the tap dripped, the way the bottles clanged.

She ventured further into the cold, dingy room. Tables, chairs and various other generic cafe items sprawled across the floor, mostly destroyed. She watched her step as she delicately stepped across the raw ground. Suddenly, a perplexing sound came from the back of the Cafe, Shauna's head shot up, level with the ajar door leading to the back room.


She peaked inside, hoping to see nothing. "I don't know who you are, but fuck off!" Shauna demanded, her heart beat began to rapidly ascend. She took out her 9mm and directed it towards the door. With a swift kick, the door flung open, to reveal a rotten corpse. One clean shot through the head. Flies were entangled within the hair, and stomach of the fresh body.

"Ah, shit! Kid looks young!" As Shauna examined the ice-like body, she came across a locket, inside the locket, was a photograph. The image meant something to Shauna, you could see it as her hazel eyes turned into beams of shock, her jaw dropped and so did her motivation. She slumped towards the wall and looked at the locket. "What the fuck? Mother?" She said to herself, tears dripping down her face. "No, no!" she shouted as she denied what it was.

Time passed, about half an hour. Her skin turning pale, she shivered in the ice light of the moon, as she stared to look outside the window a ghastly silhouette stood glancing back.


"Shauna's been gone for about 2 hours now, think we should do somet'?" Max asked Lee as he came to sit down with a can of stew, "Probably, I mean, it's not like her to stay out this long and not tell us..." Lee agreed, something needed to be done. They got their packs and their weapons and left for the city, leaving Helen alone in the camp.

Lee's weapon of choice was perfect for the city, a shotgun, semi-automatic, controllable, easy to use, it was an old M1014, which he found on a dead Police Officer. Max chose to use the CZ550 hunting rifle, he chose this simply because he was usually the person who would go hunting for the group, there wasn't many times where he needed it for anything else, not only that, but it was light and agile, a perfect scouting weapon. As they came down towards the shore, they could see the Cafe, they slowly edged towards it, hoping not to be sniffed out by an infected. They scaled the wall of the Cafe, peeking into the lonely windows as they came across them. As they arrived at the front door, they could see the door was left open. "She's been here, we know that much," Lee whispered a few details to Max, "If anything goes South, run outside this exit and wait for me a few meters away, if I don't come out within that time, move further away to an overlook point, check for me in an hour," they slowly opened the door, guns ready. They turned Max's flashlight on, and checked the room. It was empty, they went in, stood there for a while thinking about what they should do. "It's not right, she wouldn't have just wondered off," the two men were discussing possible conclusions for where Shauna could be, perhaps she went back to the camp, perhaps she was trapped and needed our help.

As they were about to leave, they heard a bang from the back room, which they didn't check. The door was hidden in a shadow, and was rather hard to see. Lee turned the rusty knob of the door, it was locked. "Shit!" Max shouted, "Shauna, are you in there?" there was no answer back. The two tried to barge the door down with all their might and courage, the sweat dripping like tears, trying to get inside. The door caved under the pressure of 220 pound Lee.

There lying lifeless, was Shauna. The two men collapsed in desperation. They tried to revive their friend, but it wasn't going to work. They sat there for a while, with tears streaming down their faces, crashing to the floor.

Lee studied the body, "No bite wounds," this bewildered the two, as they expected a bite wound. "No wounds..." Lee looked down and went into a deep thinking trance.

Suddenly, the door swung open, "Well... What have we got here? Hahah..."

//I started to write this a while ago, and thought I best finish it. I ended it shorter than I expected to end it, it did have chapters but I removed them. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is nice too! :)

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  • Legend

A nice little story there Mush, Needs a bit of editing around for my personal liking "Looks like a colorful wall of text" But! It has originality and its good to see you joining the Roleplay area. Got me in the mood updating some of mine. Next time, write one about Your main character Mush, Would like to see that.

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  • Sapphire

A nice little story there Mush, Needs a bit of editing around for my personal liking "Looks like a colorful wall of text" But! It has originality and its good to see you joining the Roleplay area. Got me in the mood updating some of mine. Next time, write one about Your main character Mush, Would like to see that.

Übel? I will do! :) The colored text was an idea I thought I'd try to make it clear who was talking. Check out my other roleplay stuff! Look forward to seeing yours!

Nice, so who talks in red then? :D

Ah, cliffhanger ;)

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